Why Order Customized PadfoliosFor those of you who know what padfolios are, you will agree that it is one of the most convenient things ever. Now for those of you who do not yet know what these are, you will not see the reason to go for customized padfolios but just a few minutes of reading this and not only will you want a padfolio, you will want one that is customized.

Padfolio vs. Portfolio

Based on the name, you might think that customized padfolios are nothing more than a portfolio and while they do have similarities, they also have their differences and these make them distinct from each other. While they are both essentially folder-like things designed to carry papers and important documents, portfolios tend to have handles or straps so they can be carried like briefcases. On the other hand, padfolios do not have straps and are meant to be carried under the arm. Size-wise, the padfolio comes in 2 sizes – letter size and legal size – since they are meant to carry just papers. They also come with pockets on the outside to store various supplies. Portfolios can be quite large and often come with an accordion-like storage compartment to carry a host of other things.

Obviously, the padfolio has a more specific use and for those that like the idea of a padfolio, you will like the idea of customized padfolios even more. For companies that wish to do some branding and promotions, you will love these customized padfolios as part of your marketing and promotion.

Benefits of Customized Padfolios

The thing with custom padfolios is that they are cheaper to make than portfolios and this is all thanks to their simpler design. Plus, there’s appeal to a wider range of people that appreciate how they are simple and effective at the same time. Handing out these padfolios means you have people walking around and doing their day-to-day thing while at the same time advertising your brand. This is a very useful and highly visible product so you really get the most bang for your buck. When ordering custom padfolios, you can choose to have your logo in them or even your company’s tag line.

Ordering Padfolios

Now for businesses that like the idea of these padfolios as part of their branding and marketing promotion, you will want to know where the best place to order them from. You can find local suppliers but why do that when you can get amazing deals online? It is best to look for a company that not only offers you a great deal when it comes to the price but also when it comes to the quality of the product and the printing. Remember that the medium is the message when it comes to marketing and custom padfolios that look good and last a long time speak volumes about the company printed on them.

As a business owner, you know the importance of marketing. Do you think these custom padfolios are something you can get behind?