You’ve probably been living under a rock the past few years if you did not notice the huge jump in people’s awareness when it comes to fitness and health. It’s everywhere! From the apps that you can download on your smartphone, to wearables that allow you to keep track of how your entire body works, it has become very evident that people are starting to find out more about how their lifestyle choices affect their quality of life and have taken steps into ensuring that they give their bodies nothing but the best.

sports apparel


This is of course good news for the industry, seeing how more people have started signing up for different fitness programs that could help them trim down the excess fat and start making themselves stronger. This shows what a good investment sports apparel really is, especially with today’s technology where every imaginable piece of sportswear caters to every person’s needs.

Fashion and Function

One example of technology at work is the ability of modern fabrics to effectively suck the perspiration out of the wearer’s skin, letting it seep from the inside out to allow it to evaporate more quickly. Different sportswear are also designed in such a way that it allows the body to move freely as needed, while still maintaining a fashionable façade.

Of course, the style applies not only for ladies’ sports fashion, but for men’s as well. Because of this, the rise in success for different sports apparel brands has become even more evident.

Numbers Rising

After much research on the sportswear market, a few staggering facts have been discovered. These statistics have made business people everywhere contemplate on where there investments currently are, and whether it’s about time they moved their resources to something new and exciting, such as the sports apparel industry.

Once again, a lot of attention was placed on the presence of high-technology fabrics that have made sportswear a lot more comfortable to wear no matter how rigid a person’s routine could become. Vendors are starting to launch new product lines that show apparel that banks not only on being fashionable, but on being technologically advanced as well.

The Challenges

Of course, in every thriving industry, a number of challenges also arise. In this case, the rising number of counterfeit products has also been noted. It does not even matter whether consumers are aware of the authenticity of their purchases or not.

The fact of the matter is, manufacturers of counterfeit products know exactly where to place their goods, and are able to release exact replicas of the originals a short time after they are released to the public. And considering the fact that not only the rich, but people from all walks of life have started to care about their health as well, it is not surprising that sales for these cheaper imitations are at a record high.

A lot of sports brands remain confident however, knowing that because of the original technology and the high quality products that they bring, they still have no other way to go but up.

What about you? Where do you think this industry will be going a few years from now?