Cotton has been around for thousands of years and cultivated for many generations and purposes. This light and comfortable fabric is a huge part of our daily wear and is the world’s most commonly used natural fiber, despite being in the game even with new trendy materials and artificial alternatives.

What makes cotton so special? Is it its soft touch? The comfort? The moisture retention? The durability? It’s all of that and more! Let’s look why cotton is still considered the leading player in the market and coveted by designers, companies, and customers alike.

Accessible and Affordable

Cotton is one of the most inexpensive and widely available fabrics in the world. There are states and nations whose entire economy depends on their cotton export. Naturally grown and cultivated, cotton crops are always in huge demand and widespread farming of the product worldwide makes cotton an easily accessible and affordable material.

Quality and Versatility

Cotton is considered to be among the lightest and softest of fabrics that can be used to fashion a variety of garments – shirts, pants, dresses, tunics, saris, bed sheets, towels, and so much more. The material is absorbent, easy to dry, and retains color well. Cotton is typically known for its light texture and can be great for comfortable daily wear, however, it can be made into different weights such as jersey, flannel, corduroy, twill, or denim.

Cotton is pretty durable when compared to other materials. Unlike its peers, the molecular structure of cotton strengthens when wet. This means you can wash cotton clothes repeatedly with less fear of wear and tear. Cotton is often combined with artificial materials like nylon or polyester to create better fabric alternatives.


Cotton is naturally cultivated and is more organic and eco-friendly than other textiles. Cotton is sustainable – unlike chemically based fibers which are derived from nonrenewable resources like petroleum. Cotton is also biodegradable, making it an excellent choice for garments once they’ve completed their life cycle.

Suitable for Printing

Our favorite reason to use cotton is its ability to take on practically every form of decoration. Cotton is able to withstand the application of chemicals, inks, heat, stress, and pressure during decoration. Fabrics like spandex and polyester can scorch and melt under some of these circumstances, but cotton holds true. Direct-to-garment, screen printing, embroidery – cotton can handle it all and is the true reigning fabric king!

The Bottom Line

Think cotton might be the right fabric for you? Now it’s time to decorate! Have your pick of design and printing method to fashion the perfect piece! Need help with artwork or picking the perfect cotton piece? Look no further! At Rogue Star, we have a great team of skilled designers who can help you create some new apparel pieces that you’ll fall in love with. Give us a call today! We happily serve the Edmonton community and beyond for all your apparel needs.