The clothing industry is undergoing a transformation because of direct-to-garment printing.  Before DTG, there really wasn’t a way to print just one shirt without the cost of burning a screen or creating a low detail heat transfer for your shirt. With direct to garment printing, we can upload any artwork with high detail to our printers and are able to print 1 or 100 of the artwork(s) you’d like.


There is no minimum order quantity with DTG printing

Due to the simplicity of DTG printing, there is no need for a minimum order quantity. This opens new opportunities for bulk customization and quick turnaround.

Many firms, creatives, and influencers are experimenting with print-on-demand to establish an online company. POD platforms provide businesses with an unparalleled chance to experiment with novel ideas and concepts without incurring significant risk. Due to direct-to-garment manufacturing, many designers may launch a brand with little cost and without the need for their own infrastructure, such as storage. The Rogue Star team has many clients of whom this speaks of!


It permits customizability

In contrast to other textile printing technologies, you are not constrained by strict setups or colour limitations. Print any design of your choice on your clothing with DTG printing. It makes no difference whether you print hundreds of the same design — or just one, with Rogue Star, we will work with you to make sure you get the best print result.


DTG is environmentally friendly

Direct-to-garment printing is among the most eco-friendly printing processes available. There is little waste, and the inks are often water-based with low ink wastage.

Depending on the clothing on which you print as well, you may make a very eco-friendly output. Please be mindful of the items you wear and the way they are obtained and made.

If you do, your custom fashion may be very sustainable, owing to DTG printing. You have the best of both industries in this situation.


Inventory reduction

Direct-to-garment printing enables manufacturing time to be reduced due to its speed and customization. Rather than manufacturing and storing substantial quantities in reserve, you may now make your items at lightning pace.


Direct to Garment Printing is one of the more recent additions to the textile printing world. Though seen as still in its infancy, Direct to Garment printing is still a fantastic contender in the industry!