Every business has the goal of keeping their brand name in their clients’ minds, but what if you could make that even easier? Branded promotional products make wonderful gifts for clients and help you get the best of both worlds: showing appreciation and increasing brand exposure. Client gifts are a great opportunity to instill customer loyalty by building a warm relationship. Here at Rogue Star, we don’t just offer great custom apparel – we love ordering and gifting to our favourite Edmonton and non-Edmonton based clients each year and we can help you do the same!

Why Are Client Gifts a Great Choice?

Giving gifts makes you harder to forget when the receiver is considering returning to you for business. Gifts for existing clients can help bring you repeat business and prospective clients because they make for a more favorable brand recall as a result of their hospitable nature. Gifts can be given away at events as well to prospective clients themselves. This helps makes your company easier to recall if said client is ever in search of a company in your industry.

Thoughtful gifts stem from knowing the interests and preferences of your customer base before selecting them. What gifts would be ideal? That’s up to you! You know your clients best, but we have a few ideas below to get your started!


Everyone can make use of a bag. The product itself is versatile and they can come in so many different styles to suit your client base and their needs. For instance, fanny packs and beach bags are great for travelers! Bags can be a powerful marketing vehicle when they have your company logo on them. Bags also have a long life cycle which means your branding is good to show off to the public for years to come!

Desktop Calendar

A table or wall calendar has the power to pull a client’s attention for the entire year. Strike the right balance between functionality and your company branding! Calendars can feature personal messages and tips, custom imagery, and more to help enhance your brand’s personality make an even greater impact on the client. Daily use at work also means many impressions with even just one client. They are incredibly useful and can be inexpensive to produce.

Water Bottles

Everyone can make use of a reusable a water bottle. This is a great option for companies that want to gift their clients with an item that encourages healthy habits and less waste which can speak volumes about your company’s values as well as communicate your consideration for your clients’ well being. Water bottles are easily transportable and are a perfect choice for an item that is used regularly and publicly in some instances. This means more impressions for your brand in more places. Just like bags, water bottles can come in many different styles to match your brands image and you don’t have to stop there – consider mugs and tumblers to better suit your needs and your clients’ preferences.

Go For It!

These 3 options are great examples of how regular items can turn into wonderful marketing tools. Our team and our clients absolutely love the gifts we give out each year. We’re constantly switching things up and encourage our clients to do so as well! We have a breadth of knowledge on the most cost-effective, trendy, and suitable items for your clients. Whether you’re Edmonton based or not, we can help you narrow down the perfect promotional products for your company and you can even get them delivered right to you! Now is the perfect time to get a head start on gifts for the holiday season, so contact us today to explore your options and place your order!