eco-friendly t-shirt printingIf you read the news or watch television shows, you will notice that there is a growing eco-friendly awareness going on and this is a great thing. People really should make the move to take better care of the earth and eco-friendly products make it easy to lead comfortable lives and be good to the earth at the same time.

This movement has led to the proliferation of organic food, organic body care products, cosmetics, as well as fabrics and dyes. For those people that love to lead organic lifestyles, then organic t-shirts and organic clothing are very important. In fact, this desire of people to lead more organic and eco-friendly lifestyles has really made the business of eco-friendly t-shirt printing become quite popular.

What is Eco-friendly T-shirt Printing?

This is a concept formed to give people a truly organic experience in the sense that they buy t-shirts and clothing made from organic fabrics only to have those fabrics inundated by toxins in the form of synthetic dyes. There is no sense in spending a mint for organic t-shirts that are pesticide, herbicide, and toxin free, only to have it printed with designs using toxic inks. However, there are also these things called organic or natural dyes and they go rather perfectly with organic t-shirts and clothing.

What are Organic Fabrics?

There was a time when people would think of organically farmed cotton when they think of organic fabrics but times have changed, and now there are more options than ever. For one, you can now buy organic fabrics made from jute, silk, ramie, wool, hemp, and even bamboo! It is really quite interesting how the organic movement has grown and it can only benefit people in the long run.

Some experts criticize organic fabric by saying that these plants used to create organic fabrics need more growing area. But really, that is a small price to pay for fabrics that do not deliver toxins to the groundwater and the earth.

What are Organic Dyes?

Synthetic dyes are made from all sorts of chemicals that are bad for the skin and bad for the environment and again, it makes no sense to buy a pricey organic t-shirt that was dyed using synthetic colors. If you truly want to go organic and get your money’s worth, you will want to go for organic t-shirts dyed using organic and natural dyes.

Natural dyes like madder, cutch, weld, and indigo come from plants but one dye called “cochineal” comes from an insect. These dyes are really interesting and make for really vibrant colors on shirts. More and more people are seeing the benefits of using such dyes.

Make the Change

If you are ready to make a lifestyle change and do your part for the earth then you need to check these organic shirts and dyes out. After all, it is about time that you did your part and you want these shirts to help you make a statement, right? Tell us what you think about living an organic lifestyle. Do you think it is worth the effort in the long run?