t-shirt battleThere are fashion trends, and there are celebrity fashion trends. One of the most recent celebrity fashion trends is the endless t-shirt trend. But what is an endless t-shirt? It all started when Macaulay Culkin wore a shirt which featured a photo of Ryan Gosling who was wearing a shirt which has Macaulay Culkin in it. Think of it as a kind of “T-shirtception” when the Internet slang for the “inception” of things take place. That’s just one person though.

What made this “T-shirtception” a trend was when NFL’s Rob Gronkowski wore a sleeveless shirt which featured a photo of Julian Edelman, his teammate, wearing a shirt that featured a picture of Rob Gronkowski. This trend is creative and entertaining at the same time. Whether or not a person wears a shirt featuring another person’s picture, digital printing can truly make this endless shirt trend possible.

For Macaulay, real life is still awaiting a move from Ryan Gosling. For the NFL players though, the next move has been made! Edelman wore a shirt featuring Gronkowski wearing a shirt which featured a photo of Edelman that had a T-shirt with Gronkowski’s mug printed on it. It can be quite hard to imagine how it looks like but think of a painting within a painting within a painting and you’ll get the idea.

Digital printing makes it possible to come up with highly detailed designs that traditional screen printing cannot fully capture. With modern digital printing technology like “direct to garment printing” or DTG, the endless t-shirt battle can indeed have endless creative possibilities—stretching the limitation of the image to be printed on the shirt depending on the design desired by the person who will be wearing it!

As for the Patriots Gronkowski and Edelman, it’s hard to say when the game is over because these men do know how to have fun both in and out of the field. They’ve exerted some effort and creativity into this endless T-shirt battle and fans are definitely in tune for more.

For these guys, the endless shirt may mean something which is simply fun and mildly competitive to do while waiting for the new NFL season. For Macaulay it may be a way of his being connected to the present and more “in the scene” stars. It’s a kind of pop-culture trend that even non-celebrities can have fun with!

For normal citizens, it may even be a source of entertainment when other people don’t know who you’re having this t-shirt battle with. With digital printing options that make detailed customized t-shirt printing possible, the sky’s the limit for what you want to be printed on your very own shirt! Creative ideas for what kind of “T-shirtception” can be endless and it would only take knowing a great provider of customized t-shirt prints to make your very own T-shirt battle come to life.

Have you ever tried having friendly competition with your shirts through an endless T-shirt face off? You can share your experiences in the comments!