For many of our customers in the Edmonton Area, custom apparel is a brand new experience. Whether you are looking into embroidery, silk-screening, DTG printing or sublimation, there are certain questions that you will be asked before we can get you a quote on your order. Here are the standard questions we usually have to ask and why we ask them.

What apparel are you wanting to print on?

The canvas that you are working with is truly the starting point. For example, it wouldn’t be very cost efficient to embroider a standard T-shirt. That being said, DTG printing on a pair of sweatpants wouldn’t make much sense either. Once we know what garment we are working with, we can start eliminating ineffective methods. The style of the apparel is an important factor as well. What may appear to be a fashionable seam running down the front of your shirt may cause problems for placing a front location artwork. Even pockets can be interesting to work with when trying to place a left chest imprint. The type of fabric is also important to consider. Rule of thumb, if it’s 100% cotton, it’ll work. Blends can be tricky; even just adding in 5% polyester can make DTG printing no longer an option. Always inquire with your printer before purchasing apparel.

What does your artwork look like?

Now that we’ve discussed the canvas, time to look at the paint…or should I say ink? Your artwork determines where it can be placed, how big or small it can be, and the colour choice for your apparel. Large artwork with lots of detail is best suited for a full front or full back location. You don’t want to shrink it down to a 4″ wide left chest or calf placement. That being said, if you have a low resolution image that looks great as a sleeve imprint, you probably don’t want to blow it up to a full 10″ wide front chest. What the artwork contains will influence the location as well. If you are making shirts for your employees, you want your logo to be placed in an easy to see location. Sleeves would not be a logical decision here. Sponsorship logos, however, don’t necessarily need to be front and center and therefore a sleeve could be a sound placement. And finally, the colour of your artwork will determine what colour of apparel you choose. You wouldn’t want clashing shades of purple or colours blending into the fabric because they are the same shade. That being said, do you want the high contrast of a light image on a dark shirt or are you going for a softer approach? Decisions, decisions.

How many are you wanting to get done?

Here’s the golden question. In this industry, we strongly utilize the Economies of Scale. That means that buying in bulk is your buddy! However, at Rogue Star, we understand that not everyone needs 100 T-shirts. That’s why our prices are affordable, no matter the quantity!

If you have a vision and are finding it difficult to navigate these questions, give us a call. We’d be happy to match you up with the perfect project!