customized sports team apparelIn a populated and aggressive industry of sports, the right design for a customized sports team apparel helps create identity. By acting on the pride and emotions of the team’s fan base, sports team design plays a vital role in reaching old fans and gaining new ones.

Customizing and creating a design for a sports team apparel involve picking out the right fabric, the right color, the right font to use, the right image to project, and a lot more. These are essential facets in the design process mainly because without these right choices, a design project won’t be considered effective and worthwhile. Decision making plays a huge part in making a customized design. Using the right design gives your work a higher value.

Creating the right design is essential because the final design delivers the message of the team. Everything in the design, from the font used to the color background, has various representations and influence to the public. So it’s very important to design one that fits the industry in order to project the right message.

Creating your own sports apparel design is also economical way to produce a team uniform. The customized design helps make the team recognizable to fans and opponents. The design doesn’t have to be intricate or embellished to stand out. As long as it has the right message that represents the team and the sports, then it’s already a good start.

Designing Your Team’s Apparel

  • Conceptualize the colors for the design. The entire team should have one specific color choice. The color can represent a lot of things so picking the right one is crucial. It can stand for the sports itself. It can describe the team spirit. It can be connected to a particular history related to the team or the place where the sports is prominent. Experiment with a variety of designs and outlines. Words, logos and insignias must be clear so everyone can identify them.
  • Apart from the color, the cloth type is also an important factor to consider when you customized sports team apparel. What kind of cloth or material is better? If the apparel you’re designing is for the team uniform itself, then look into using breathable fabric for clothing materials. Aside from the obvious reason that athletes sweat a lot during games and practices, choosing the right fabric for the apparel will also help you decide the kind of printing you’d want for the garments. Like if your fabric choice is more suited for digital printing or a certain shirt material for your apparel is better for screen printing.

Deciding on the best design for the customized sports apparel is extremely important for a design project to work. Consequently, you, as a designer, shouldn’t just use any layout or style you want, but also must consider several choices from the team before you finalize the design. Ultimately, the sports team design will work as a connection to the team’s fans; a great way to build camaraderie and to generate excitement that usually translates to ticket sales and merchandise profits.

If you’re going to customize your favorite team’s logo, what personal touch would you add?