Statement t-shirts don’t always have to have a statement in the form of words. What makes a statement tee as such is the fact that it’s easy to recognize wherever you go and that it tells a little something about the person wearing it. Some of the most famous statement tees of all time have been listed below:

  • statement teesMickey Mouse – It’s not only children wearing Mickey Mouse on their shirts. There are thousands of shirts with his image on them. Some popular clothing brands also have a collection of Disney characters including him because the popularity of these shirts simply does not die.
  • Che Guevarra – Whether or not the wearers believe in what Che believed in, his face is imprinted in thousands of shirts, bags, and other merchandise and has become one of the most popular statement tees of all time. Did you know that Fidel Castro was the first person to use his image on a shirt back in 1967? That’s a long way in the past, but even today Che is still everywhere.
  • The Rolling Stones – The most popular rock band of the 1970s has been immortalized in the various t-shirt prints that include not only their name, but also a logo of a tongue sticking out. The logo is a gesture that frontman Mick Jagger was known for.
  • I (Heart) NY – If you think that this statement tee print only came out this decade, think again. The simplicity of the design has been widely accepted ever since it was created by Milton Glaser back in 1977. Today, statement tees come in variations where NY is replaced with other places, or even people. Universities have also come up with their own version of the I (heart) NY shirt with the name of their colleges replacing the iconic place.
  • Little Miss and Mister – The Little Miss shirt was first created in 1971, but today many variations already exist. Statement tees with Little Miss Nurse, Little Miss Engineer, and other occupations or variations are present. A person looking for a customized shirt only need to look for a term that would describe him and add the “Little Miss” or “Little Mister” words before it to come up with a new design but with a classic twist.
  • I’m With Stupid – It may not look clever, but it is definitely a statement tee that has made it through the ages. Nobody knows who first created it, but the tee still exists today, and also with some variations. Some like the humor it gives especially when they are with their friends. The arrow pointing somewhere else is what makes it so popular.

As you can see, statement shirts don’t need to be elaborate. They can be your favorite superhero or cartoon character, a favorite quote, or even a person you look up to. You can come up with a variation of these classic statement prints or come up with something that is entirely different. You can even modernize their classic designs or stylize them. Exercise your creativity. You are customizing a shirt, so you have the freedom to have anything you want printed on it.  What other statement shirts have you found interesting? Tell us on the comments section below.