wide format printsWide format prints, also known as large format prints, refer to images or designs that are printed on a sheet of paper that is 24 inches or wider. These images are printed using a specialized large format printer. The printers are so distinctive that based on a recent survey, only 24% of those who own a large-format printer are not connected in a print-for-pay business. The great thing for consumers is that 76% of those that have this printer are mainly printing shops. Thus, ordering wide format prints isn’t so hard to do.

Wide prints are great for businesses, particularly for new and small ones. These huge prints result in uniformity in promotional strategies between big companies and small businesses. Wide prints elevate small companies to the level of their bigger counterparts as both are able to use such top quality prints to bring their products and services forward at a similar pace.

Some more benefits of wide format prints for small businesses are as follows:

  • Large format prints offer an economical printing option when compared to the offset process that calls for the use of plates and associated set-up to get the best results. Furthermore, with the set-up cost requirement from a digital printing shop, a small business can spend less even if volume orders increase. This means the company gets premium savings. Wide format prints also provide a valuable marketing stability for new companies as well.
  • Small businesses have a variety of digital printing shops to choose from. The options for printing are varied as well. They get different paper stock options and sophisticated printing technique choices. With the help of a reputable digital printing shop, the new business can have the choice of prototyping the design before finalizing it on their product promo ads.
  • A modest timeframe requirement and a cost-effective print can give a significant boost for small companies that can generate different samples before deciding on a choice. Digital work is always effective when the budget is tight. For instance, a small company can order a printing requirement of about 250 large cards for the business. With digital technology, not only does it have the assurance of a successful job in the end, but it also maintains uniformity throughout the cards.
  • There is a remarkable versatility with regards to what a small business can order from a digital printing shop. From small to wide format printing needs, practically everything is doable with the most up-to-date technologies around. Digital printing elevates these ads to a quality that can be likened to an exhibition artwork.
  • Using the digital printing approach, the development of the design transpires on the computer using a special software. A small business can communicate with a digital printing shop for any design changes and quick alterations can be done to achieve the desired effect.

Small businesses need to maximize all the advantages that they can get and produce for promotions. With the help of wide format digital printing, marketing paraphernalia can be produced effortlessly and, more importantly, appealingly.

What other benefits of wide-format printing for small business can you share? Share your thoughts below.