Since we live in a digital age, it is obvious that our daily functioning involves digital communication. However, one should note that keyboarding will not always provide the tactile feedback to the brain that contact between pencil or pen and paper does. This is key to creating the neurocircuitry in the hand-brain complex. Even though computers and phones have become the go-to note-taking method for many people globally, it is important to remember that your brain benefits from an old-fashioned pen and paper. Remember that tools for the hands are tools for the brain. Handwritten notes are a powerful tool that helps in encrypting embodied cognition. This, in turn, supports the brain’s capacity for information retrieval. Secondly, when you take notes by hand, you tend to create robust external memory storage via your notebook.


Taking notes by hand is always a win-win situation and belongs in every student’s cognitive tool kit. The process of taking notes by hand and ingraining note-taking as a key learning and study tool begins as early as grades 3 or 4; however, it’s never too late to begin: with your own custom notebook!


The processing advantage

Even though your laptop might seem faster and more efficient, there are plenty of good reasons for having a paper-bound notebook.


Studies have shown that note-taking associated with keyboarding involves taking notes verbatim in a manner that does not involve processing information and therefore is known as “non-generative” note-taking.


Contrastingly, taking notes by hand involves cognitive engagement in the form of paraphrasing, organizing, summarizing, concept and vocabulary mapping, in short, manipulating and transforming information in a way that leads to deeper understanding.


Making Your Life Easier

When deep understanding, remembering, sparking creative thought, and making a personal connection is important, handwritten notes matter and endure over time. Interestingly, the art of maintaining a paper diary, journal or planner has given rise to scores of online communities.


Many people find pleasure in keeping daily organizers, cards, calendars, and notes and lists of all kinds, or writing family stories all by hand — and then sharing them digitally. For students with serious nature, note-taking is an indispensable cognitive tool and study technique. 

Ordering Your Custom Notebook

Now, there are three different ways you can get notebooks customized; embossing, laser etching, and screen printing!



Embossing involves pressing into the material leaving your name, logo, or art into the face of the notebook.


Laser Etching

Laser etching is a process that uses a laser to etch your artwork or customization into the material of the notebook.



Screen-printing invloves using different coloured inks to print on the surface of the notebook.



The type of customization you want depends on the notebook itself. The only way to get it customized as well is ordering through Rogue Star and having us to the start-to-finish with picking the journal, defining and refining your artwork, and getting the print or customization done and getting you your product!


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