Bamboo is known as one of the most resilient plants. Because of its fast growth and durable properties, there is an abundance of bamboo and it has been used for many different purposes. Apart from being used as a form of wood for construction and a good food source, bamboo fabric shirts are now making their way into the textile scene. Bamboo fabric is beneficial in more than one ways which makes it a great fabric option!

bamboo fabric shirtsEnvironmental Benefits of Using Bamboo Fabric for Shirts

Because of the fast growth of bamboo, there can be a great supply in just a short period of time. What’s great about it is that bamboo fabric shirts would require a lot of bamboo planting. This is great for the environment as bamboo can help clean the air. It also requires a little amount of energy as well as water to grow. Since it grows fast, it also helps in being able to reclaim land and clear it of toxins.

Bamboo can also be grown without pesticides or other chemicals since it has natural antibacterial agents. Because of this, it can be said that it is 100% organic and the quality of the by-products are organic and biodegradable as well. Since it can be harvested quickly, it is a high-yielding and renewable source of raw fiber materials.

Qualities of Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo fabric can be used in a wide range of clothing pieces such as shirts, slacks, socks, and dresses to name a few. It is usually blended with 30% cotton to help build more structure to the garments. It can also be used for sheets and pillowcases. Here are the other qualities of bamboo fabric which make it such a desirable material:

  • It has a naturally soft and silky feel. It is said to be softer than the softest kind of cotton while exhibiting a similar sheen as to that of cashmere. It also has a silk-like texture but is more durable and cheaper than silk.
  • The smooth fibers of bamboo fabric are allergy-reduced. It is ideal for people who have sensitive skin and often experience contact dermatitis. The natural properties of bamboo fiber help make it less allergy inducing but depending on how it was manufactured, some chemical sensitivities may still be experienced.
  • Bamboo fibers have great absorption levels while naturally having antibacterial properties. The natural fibers have microholes in them and at the same time, natural antimicrobial agents known as kun prevent bacterial development.
  • The porous structure of bamboo makes it more breathable and cool to wear which makes it perfect as an undergarment or as a cool T-shirt material for those hot summer days.

There is still much development needed for producing bamboo fabric in a mass manner especially to help promote all of its green claims. With all the benefits of bamboo fabric shirts and the combined modernization of textile production today, the development of this wonderfully natural fabric may see a very fast improvement in the coming days. Have you ever tried bamboo fabric clothing? Share your insights below!