studded T-shirt ideas

Studs are a great way to add texture and shine to your otherwise ordinary t-shirt. They are available in many different kinds, shapes, and sizes. Since they are available for relatively cheap prices, you can have a pack of fifty to a hundred studs or more for just a few dollars and make your shirt more unique by adding some studs on. Here are some studded T-shirt ideas you can do to spice up the look of your plain shirts:

  • Studded pocket – If you have a shirt that has front pockets, spice it up by placing studs on the whole pocket. This brings a nice focal point to your shirt. You can fill it up with dense studs or distance them out a bit. You can also consider adding studs to just the outline or maybe just the top or bottom part of the pocket.
  • Side studs – If you prefer something that isn’t immediately noticeable on the front, you can choose to add a column or two of studs on just the sides of your shirt. This is a more discreet way to add some shine. Naturally, it can be seen in full-view at the sides, but when viewed from the front, it’s a nice and subtle way to give your shirt the studded look.
  • Studded collar – For sleeveless collared shirts in particular, this is a great idea to bring more life to your shirt. This works particularly well for plain-colored sleeveless shirts. You can apply studs on just the tips of the sleeves or all over the collar for a more thorough look. Either way, you get to add a bit of dazzle to your apparel.
  • Random or patterned studs – The basic idea behind this is to place studs wherever you please in no particular pattern. Or you can plan the whole look and space out the studs evenly. You have free reign where you would like to place your studs anyway so achieving a random or patterned look can be easy for you.
  • Asymmetric studs – Instead of having balance all the time, you can place studs on just one corner of your shirt or on one of the straps of your tank tops. You can start densely at the base and then scatter out the studs to have a fading appearance. Placing studs on the sides rather than spot on center will also do the trick.
  • Shoulder studs – This is a really fashionable for those who like to rock their studs. Shoulder studs are reminiscent of studded leather jackets which usually have studs on the shoulders. This works well for collared shirts and sleeveless shirts. It helps give more definition to the shoulder area and if that area looks particularly worn out, adding studs can help make it look new again.

These studded T-shirt ideas are really easy to do and would only take a bit of time to plan and finish. Have you ever tried some studded T-shirt ideas to help make your shirts stand out before?