banner2Custom banners & pop-up displays


Custom banners & pop-up displays are an effective form of visual display advertising. They are often used for advertisement in temporary locations where they can easily be set up and pulled down without a huge investment. It is a common sight to see banners and pop-up displays in stores, tradeshows, malls and exhibitions, where businesses use them to advertise their services and products.  Plus you can often spot a number of large banners hanging on top of buildings in major cities such as Toronto and New York. Sometimes the whole street is covered with banners advertising the city’s businesses and attractions.

A banner can simply be defined as a piece of material (often fabric or vinyl)  bearing a logo, slogan or specific messages which can be affixed and/or hung in a variety of situations. Pop-up displays, also known as  pull-up displays or portable displays, are an advanced form of banners. These displays consist of a graphics panel or banner pre-attached to a display stand. The display and stand can be folded or rolled up for easily portability and storage.

Pop up banners come in a variety of fast and easy to set up styles and formats, from smaller retractable banners that pull out from the stand base, to larger styles that unfold as a booth backdrop, or shapes such as flags and sails.

Banners and pop-up displays can help your business in a number of ways.

  • They catch attention – Banners and pop-up displays are usually placed prominently where they reach a wide audience of current and prospective customers. They can be used on their own, or as part of a more integrated campaign with other marketing such as internet or television ads.
  • They help create and reinforce your business identity- custom banners and pop-up displays help market your brand identity by displaying prominently your logo, slogan or message. By seeing these banners, your audience learns about your business and starts to associate your brand identity with it.
  • Effective when introducing new products in the market- When a company introduces a new product or service into the market; you need to let your target customers know about it. Using banners and pop-up displays is an effective way of notifying customers of the new products or services as well as marketing the new product to a broader audience.

There is no doubt that custom banners & pop-up displays have many advantages over other forms of marketing advertisements which include:

  • Ease of assembly- It only takes a couple of minutes, if not seconds, to put up a banner or a pop-up display stand.
  • They require little space- Pop-up displays and banners are effective in places where there is limited amounts of space. Banners can be hung on walls as backdrops while pop-up displays tend to have a small footprint and can be put almost anywhere.
  • Versatility– Pop-up displays carry the message in style, are portable and can be placed in many different occasions or events – whether inside your store beside your new product, at a tradeshow, or outside the front of your business.
  • Inexpensive alternative- Compared to other forms of advertisement with the same effectiveness, these are way cheaper. Many companies and businesses use banners and pop-up displays as a cost effective form of advertisement.

 Get the maximum benefit of banners and pop-up displays by using a few key strategies:

  • Location- The places where the banners and pop-up displays are placed is critical for maximum exposure. Place them in high traffic areas and where they can be seen by as many people as possible. Consider how many people will see them each day. This way, the conversion rate of the audience to customers will be higher.
  • Variety- Having the same kinds of banners and pop-up displays all year round can get boring and they will gradually be overlooked. Since advertising is a continuous process, you should have different sets of ads which can be used on a rotational basis. Variety is key. For example choose designs to match your current promotions, the seasons, or feature different types of products.
  • Design- The design of any advertisement is very important. Not only should it match your brand, but consider where it will be placed. Choose colours and a style that will stand out from the background and catch the most attention. Consider where it will be situated – will there be something next to it? In front of it which could block part of the sign? Designs should also consider suitability for the target audience, typical lighting, and weather conditions for outdoor signage.


Use of banners and pop-up displays is a must marketing strategy for most businesses.

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