Apparel is great start for band merch, and we can help you achieve some out of the box looks like tone on tone and that worn out look, but we’re here to shed light on some promotional product showstoppers for your band!

Merchandise for the masses is a great method of increasing the visibility of your brand and reaching prospective fans. For bands, these promotional products also help their fans stay in tune with the artists featured on them and showcase support for their music.

To get the most out of this type of promoting, products must be eye-catching and brand appropriate. Here at Rogue Star, we can provide you with the latest in product and design trends that make a great fit for your band and won’t be so cookie cutter! We’ll help you turn all your merch pieces into works of art! Look at some great ideas below that we can help you brand:

Guitar Picks – Metal picks with laser engravings as well as marble textured picks are a huge hit among crowds!

Wooden Glasses – A trendy option of the norm. Laser engraved and slick as hell to keep you and your brand looking cool.

Bluetooth Speaker – A great option for your fans to blast your tunes! Completely customizable and portable so they can take your branding everywhere!

Stashlight – A handy flashlight with a hidden stash compartment for money, matches, and other nick nacks.

Air Freshener – An unexpected but practical item to use in a space that fans likely listen to music in the most – their vehicles!

Chrome Stickers – Completely customizable to your brand in shape or by colour. The beautiful mirror like finish will reflect light and catch attention!

Multi Tool – A great option that’s incredibly handy. These come in all shapes and sizes to fit those more handy and those who more so need a bottle opener more than anything.

Now that you have a few ideas floating around, it’s time to narrow them down. The most basic rule for any promotional product is that the product must cater to the consumers’ tastes. There are many success stories of merchandising in the music industry – one of the most famous being Taylor Swift, who makes an estimated $17 per head in merch sales. Interested in making a great profit on your own items? We’re here to help!

At Rogue Star, we have a team of reps and designers who can help you design something eye catching without breaking the bank. Some of the above examples were orders that Rogue Star completed for businesses and bands in the Edmonton area. The best part? You’re not limited by your location either! We offer shipping to many of our clients. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call – tell us who you are and what you want and we’ll make sure that you have amazing pieces to sell at your upcoming shows!