Caps are one of the most common pieces of head wear worn in North America. There are so many styles to suit various outfits and purposes. It can be hard to differentiate, so we’re here to lay out all the options for you!

Caps are a great way to promote your brand. They are stylish and a functional piece to advertise your branding on that is visible to everyone when worn. Following are some of the most worn types of customizable caps:

Fitted Cap

Fitted hats are essentially standard baseball caps, if there is such a thing anymore. Unlike most other hats, they come in different sizes to fit the circumference of the user’s head. Flex fits are a type of fitted cap that feature stretchy materials that are forgiving to head sizes and fit snugly for those who prefer such a fit. Fitted caps are also the typical style for sport/performance hats.

The Snapback/Strapback

Strapbacks and snapbacks follow the same structure. The only thing that differentiates the two is the type of adjustable backing. Snapbacks feature a snap closure to adjust to a comfortable size whereas strapbacks feature either a buckle or Velcro style closure. These backings allow hats to be manufacture in one size. Snapbacks are a widely preferred style of hat as they suit many current trends and styles from street wear to athleisure to hipster. Often featured with flat bills for a modern look, but also offered with curved brims for those who prefer something more structured than a dad cap.

Dad Cap

A timeless and simple hat. Soft and loose in build, it is not structured to remain sitting upright when not worn. The dad cap is versatile – it can give a casual vibe but can be worn and decorated to seem preppy. This cap features a curved brim and is most often offered with an adjustable back to accommodate different head sizes.

Trucker Cap

Trucker hats have made their way through many industries and cultures. Today, it is a symbol of a laid back, carefree look. The back of trucker hats features mesh to allow for breathability while maintaining a decent amount of decoration real estate on the front. They’re feature with curved and flat brims and are quite handy for high activity as they allow for the head to breathe. Trucker hats are similar to snapbacks as they can often have closure in the back and are featured with flat or curved brims; however, their mesh backing puts them in their own category of style.

Cadet Cap

Cadet caps have many names – cadet, patrol, Fidel, and more. Primarily known as a cap for personnel of organizations and departments, such as the military. These caps can, of course, be used for fashion purposes to give an authoritative look. Cadet caps are similarly shaped to standard baseball caps but feature a flat top rather than a rounded peak. They typically sport a rounded brim rather than a flat brim.

5 Panel & 6 Panel

Panel caps are great for experimenting with different styles and looks by adjusting the shape by just a panel. Panel caps can set the tone for your cap and your outfit overall. 5 panels allow for an almost flat front and full front decoration. 6 panel caps allow for decoration on almost any location; however, they do provide more of a structure and peaked shape. Both are typically made with a snapback closure for adjusting. The choice between the two is almost purely aesthetic. Either can feature flat or curved brims as well.


Finally, visors! Visors are a great option for those who like ultimate breathability. Perfect for outdoor activities to allow that great brim protection from harsh sun rays while allowing your scalp to breathe. Visors allow for a decent amount of decoration and come in various colours and adjustable backings.

Time to Order!

You know about your cap options, so now it’s time to select and decorate! Printing methods suitable for caps are heat applications, embroidery, and various patches. Not sure what route to take? No worries! Our team would be happy to have a look at your artwork to help you figure out your options. Give us a call now to get your order started! We happily serve the greater Edmonton area and can ship country wide!