No matter how solid your business plan is, your brand needs to stand out to gain a competitive upper hand. Besides launching impressive marketing campaigns to attract potential customers, its smart to focus on unconventional aspects of marketing too! Let us at Rogue Star help you with launching branded apparel or promotional products.

Yes, you read that right; branded apparel, like t-shirts, jackets, and polos can make a huge difference. Lanyards, Face masks, water bottles, anything you could think of! It’s important to create a bold impression of your brand and its culture. 

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Lets go over the benefits Branded Apparel can Provide for you:

1) Draws Attention

A staff uniform can do so much when it comes to making an impression among the customers. Uniforms can easily make your company stand out from competitors. By customizing uniforms, you can add logos and design schemes to attract people and create an intriguing visual. Not only uniforms, but you can customize other things like coffee mugs, stationaries, etc.
The more you see something, the more memorable it is! Giving out pens, Lanyards, or note pads can leave a lasting impression on any customer

2) Promotes team unity

Even though individualism and uniqueness are highly celebrated, when it comes to building a strong team – looking like a team is important. When a customer walks in, they will be able to identify the staff, and this will give an overall better experience. A professionally customized t-shirt can create a sense of unity to help the team bond together.
There are many other benefits to this as well – uniforms can also help eliminate any wardrobe related conflicts

3) Helps build company culture

It is hard to build company culture without any visual identity. However, when there is a visual identity in the form of customized apparel, the employees have a clear vision of what their company is about or what their role is in the company.
Customized apparel reinforces pride amongst everyone in the company and helps the team feel like more of a team.

4) Enhances customer experience

It takes a lot to impress the customers – For instance, just offering good deals on products or services can be enough. However if you want a forever customer – making their experience with your company easy and understandable is really important. Making it easy to ask questions, or know you are speaking with the right person can solidify a future with that client or customer.

5) Give Away!

Customers can end up promoting your brand too! Besides arming your employees with high-quality branded clothing, you can gift or giveaway custom t-shirts or apparel to your clients and customers. This way, not only are you garnering loyal customers and clients but also enhancing your brand visibility. Every time your recipients wear the custom t-shirt, cap, jacket, pants, etc., they and everyone around them will be reminded about your brand and its offerings.
Just ensure the logo or company name is printed in the right place for better brand visibility. 



Over to you

Well, it is evident from the benefits that printing brand logos on clothing can do a lot more than just marketing. So, connect with Rogue Star to design your custom apparel today!

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