When it comes to apparel, we always want to get our hands on what’s on trend, but some of us want what remains relatively classic too. If you’re looking for both, then you’ve come to the right place! One of the current hottest styles in apparel is tone-on-tone prints. Printing using tone-on-tone adds subtle, visual texture and depth but is very effective!  

Tone on Tone

What is Tone-on-tone Printing?

Tone-on-tone printing refers to applying a design in a colour that is the same as that of the garment it is decorating. These decorations can be direct prints, pressed prints, and even texture additions like embroidery. From a distance, the garment appears to be one solid colour. But as you get closer, the layer of ink/material on top of the garment makes the design ever so slightly visible in the right light. The difference in shade or texture of the print does not have to be immediately apparent. This kind of print and design is something you want people to do a double take to see. It gets them talking and makes for a memorable piece of apparel that isn’t overpowering! 


A few great examples of how to use tone-on-tone printing:

  • Printing a slightly lighter/darker shade onto the garment that maintains the texture of the shirt 
  • Pressing materials onto garments that have the opposite level of reflectivity – shiny material pressed onto a matte cotton garment or matte material pressed onto a shiny athletic garment 
  • Embroidering a similar colour onto a garment to add detail and texture to the otherwise flat garment

The most classic example? A black print on a black shirt:

tone on tone

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