In today’s fast-paced business world it is almost impossible to succeed without proper brand marketing. Nowadays, the secret to a successful business is to advertise, advertise and advertise! However, as a result this business strategy has been overly misused and customers are now grappling with endless automated phone message alerts, repetitive marketing emails and non-stop ads on every website they visit. While every brand is competing for attention at the top and centre of things, smart advertisements are the ones that really take the day.Creating apparel with your logo  is of the most effective forms of advertisement in this digital age. Having walking billboards displaying the brand everywhere and at all times is every business owner’s dream. While branded apparel can be used to huge successes, you should also remember that this only works if the customers love wearing and want to wear your clothes! You wouldn’t want to give out branded t-shirts and caps only for them to end up at the back of people’s closets or only worn indoors on lazy Sundays during laundry.

Below, we are going to look at some important tips on creating apparel that your customers will love to wear.

  1. Know your target audience

Knowing your target audience or market is crucial to all marketing. Once you have identified your target customers based on their gender, age bracket and social class, then it becomes easy to design the clothing to suit these people. If, for example, your brand deals with feminine perfumes, then consider feminine apparel with attractive feminine colours – custom fitted pastel tee-shirts for example. Clothing should also be useful to the audience – for example a camouflage hunting cap may not be useful for fashion conscious teenagers.

  1. Use professional design services

Branding is not all about printing a plain logo on a t-shirt or cap. When branding business apparel ensure that you seek the services of a qualified graphic designer to help you with the designs and branding. A strong brand such as Nike can simply apply their logo however small to medium businesses who are not household names should consider a more appealing and interesting design that includes their logo as well as a design to it can appeal to more wearers. Let the graphics designer guide you on the best way to brand the apparels and pick the best possible design from the many ideas that the graphics designer should create.

  1. Partner up

Brand names are popular with many customers for many reasons, and this applies to many brand name clothing brands too.  As such, co-branding your apparel with recognized brands like Oakley or American Apparel will make your clothing more appealing, give authenticity to your brand by association, and are generally perceived to be of higher quality.

  1. Quality is key

Only give away the best quality apparel that you can afford to boost the standing of your brand. Good quality apparel means people will associate your brand with good quality.  And since quality often means durability this means that they can wear the clothes for years to come! If you are selling the branded apparel at your store, then this is a more compelling reason for the apparel to be of good quality because customers always want value for their money.

  1. Be creative

The business world is full of competition and it doesn’t take long before one business idea or business strategy is copied by another business. However, people get tired with cliché and you have to be creative in order to stay ahead of the game.  Consider trends in fashion designs and styles but bear in mind that trends pass, and so to stand the test of time your clothing ideally will be timeless and classic. But try and brand the clothing in a creative or unique way so that your clothing can easily stand out from the rest.   Remember you can always choose more than 1 design. 

  1. Test them!

Show the designs to some of your favourite repeat customers, staff and friends who are in your target demographic to get their input.


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