Tie dye has been making a come back and is sweeping the internet by storm. Versatile in nature, it can be bold or muted and is almost always as unique as a fingerprint. Interest in tie dye has increased immensely over the last few months and we’re going to explore why.

Fun, customizable, inexpensive, and easy! Tie dye is something that most people do once in their life and the rise in popularity has people dyeing, bleaching, and buying to hop on board with the trend. With many celebrities adopting the trend, inspiration and recreation are all the rage and seem more approachable than other popularized trends. Pair that with millions of stir-crazy individuals who are searching for any craft available and you get empty craft and cleaning shelves at the grocery store.

There’s no doubt that everything from the 70s to the 90s is back in style, so it makes sense that tie dye items joined the line up of revived fashion pieces. Tie dye is a sort of dress code for counterculture and rebellion, but also for peace and love – both of which we have seen a lot of over the past few months. First trending at music festivals decades past, creation of tie dye garments at these events was uniting. The same can be said for its resurgence as we unite at more of a distance to keep one another safe.

Revived trends also provide a sense of comfort and security, which is certainly sought after this year. The past can provide “new” ideas and inspiration for modern and fresh takes on old trends while making people feel connected. Tie dye is no longer just shirts and skirts – it’s been upgraded to sweat suits, swim wear, accessories, face masks, bags, and more!

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