DTG (Direct to Garment) printing has been a popular choice of t-shirt printing for many years now. Though with passing time, many misconceptions have emerged about this useful technique. Here is a little bit of clarification.

Misconception 1 – DTG print quality is not top rate

Misconception 2 – DTG printing is slow and costly

Misconception 3 – DTG Printers need too much maintenance

Well, the opposite is true. The DTG delivers a photographic-quality print and pre-treatment and imprint that withstands multiple washes with the brightness. Pre-treatment spray ensures the base of the white ink printed on the dark shirt will not seep into the fabric, and the layer of colour printed on top will not run or disappear into the fabric of the shirt.

This has slight truth to it, as it really is dependent on the print and there are many different factors involved. DTG printing speed varies depending on

  • Whether you print under base white or not.
  • How many print-passes you choose.
  • The design you are printing, and the complexity of the print.
  • The amount of ink used in the print.
  • So, to generalize a statement of pro debunk-tion.

Printing speed varies widely.

Technology has evolved in every field, and DTG printing is no exception. The newer machines are better, and the ink has improved. Ten years ago, maintenance was an issue but not anymore. An innovative system prevents print heads from drying out, and a filtration system keeps the ink flowing throughout to reduce clogging of white and other inks.

Rogue Star is using this advanced DTG technology that does not require much maintenance.


Despite the common misconceptions, DTG printing is a viable method that has many benefits and is an efficient and effective way to get highly detailed artwork printed onto clothing. Please feel free to reach out to Rogue Star and get your next DTG order in today!