Custom hoodies are an absolute favorite with hoodie lovers. If you are looking to print a custom hoodie, here are the things you should know before you begin.


Design Placement and Printing on the Hoodie

The first rule you should keep in mind while designing the hoodie is that simplicity is the key. Though you can get the designs printed on the back, chest, sleeves, hoods, and pockets, you must keep it minimal for the hoodie to look appealing. The placement of the artwork will depend on the style of the hoodie you are choosing; therefore, decide on the style first.

When designing a hoodie, there are a few sizing details to consider as well such as where the pocket or pouch of the hoodie is, as Rogue Star production cannot print over that; where the hood naturally falls to if you’re wanting to print on the back of the hoodie; and of course, the sizing of the hoodie that fits you or the intended wearer the best!


Determine the Style and Fabric

Hoodies mainly come in two styles, pullovers and full zips. Each has its pros and cons.

The pullover hoodies are warmer, and they are easily customizable. However, you may be taking it on and off more frequently; alternatively, it may be more of a bulky look depending on the style.

Full-zip ones are fashionable, and function like jackets, and they can be unzipped when the weather gets warm instead of removing them completely. However, while customizing, you won’t be able to have a print across the zipper.

You must also be aware of the fabric along with style. Good quality material is important because comfort depends on it, as well as the print.


Determining the Printing Method that Suits you

Embroidery, screen printing, and direct-to-garment are some printing method options available for you. Check with us about which method would work best for you. You must also consider the fabric type and design as both factors are important. All printing options might not work on all fabrics, and the same goes with the design. Your budget will also have a say. For example, you might like embroidered designs, but they will be more costly.


Final Thoughts

Customized hoodies are fashionable, functional and fun. However, you need to put in the effort and time to design the best ones for you. The experts at Rogue Star will ensure you get the custom hoodies of your dreams!