Sports have always been a unifying force – binding people in the shared adrenaline rush of the game. Players love their sport and their team, so it makes sense that any opportunity to represent them will create excitement. Organizations everywhere are on the lookout for means to advertise their brand and promotional products are a great solution. Doing so with a sports organization can not only be a lucrative move – it can give teammates that much-needed confidence boost and sense of identity.

Improves Performance

Custom-made apparel and products are a great way to make team members feel more confident on and off the field. Attractive and comfortable apparel helps player performance, because it improves their pride, spirits, and mobility. Players want to look as good as they feel about their hard work and branded apparel and products can retain their motivation.

Catches Attention

Bright colors, large prints, and interesting patterns will help you stand out from the crowd. Throw your team’s logo in the mix, and you’ll attract attention right to your team brand. Unique uniforms are great for helping teammates stand out on the field and makes them easier to identify as well. Eye catching swag helps draw attention off the field and can help make your team more enticing for prospective players and sponsors.


Promotional products like bandanas, duffle bags, hats, mugs, shirts, and other goodies are a profitable source of income for the team. Teammates, family, friends, and fans can get just as excited to represent teams on various products which makes for a great opportunity to raise money for the team. Not only that, corporate brands are willing to sponsor apparel and products as a marketing tool which they can apply their logo to as well. Companies can meet their own desired brand impressions with your apparel and products. Jerseys worn at every game, jackets worn daily, water bottles taken to the gym, lanyards going with players everywhere – they reach as many people as your brand does and is a great investment.

Promotional products are a win-win for both the sports organization and the players. They are great keepsakes and great for brand exposure for years to come! Thinking of ordering something for your team? We’d be happy to help! Rogue Star serves teams in the Edmonton area and across Alberta. From sizing help to shipping – we’ve got all the details! Give us a call today and get started on your team order!