Still thinking of embroidery as a granny’s hobby? We get it and we feel you, but we’re here to change your mind!

There is no doubt that you’ve heard of or seen embroidered apparel and it’s recently resurfacing as another comeback trend in fashion. We’re here to tell you that embroidery is more than just a retro trend reborn. We want to enlighten you as to what makes it so great how you can get your hands on some and we’ll do it with two questions:


This might come as a surprise, but embroidery can actually help achieve an esteemed, valuable look that helps you stand out from the more typical choices for printed custom apparel. Just like well made apparel items, embroidery looks and feels more durable. Let’s take yoga pants for example. A pair that feels thick and maintains its structure even after forceful stretching is much more desirable quality wise than a pair that appears shiny and thin overtop of skin when you move and stretch. Often times, brands that make and offer higher quality materials for their apparel are viewed as more prestigious. This holds true for decorations on apparel.

Embroidery and how it’s perceived is simple: endurance = quality = upscale

Embroidered designs are perceived as higher in value because they physically look more upscale – essentially making it the deluxe version of other printing methods. Embroidered designs attract the eye more easily as well because they are raised above the surface of the garment. Better yet, embroidery thread colours are offered in many varieties (even Pantones) and, most importantly, high vibrancy. Embroidered designs also do not fade when washed or worn over and over. Quality is not just perceived, it is tangible and makes for a worthwhile investment.


Through us, of course! Rogue Star offers several apparel printing/decoration methods and embroidery is one of them! Here are the steps you’ll need to take when placing an embroidery order:

  • Submit your design or have one made. Printing logos is common for embroidery on custom apparel, but feel free to branch out and create or have other designs created for other purposes aside from your company! Initial monograms and gifts for special occasions work too. Don’t limit yourself! We would be more than happy to offer our graphic design services to create graphics that compliment you/your brand and help you bring your vision to life!
  • Once your design is finalized, you’ll receive an estimate or quote based on the design’s stitch count. Size and detail will affect how many stitches are required when printing. Larger sizes and a lot of detail will result in a higher stitch count. Any designs with gradients, halftones, or fine detail may need simplification to ensure more design accuracy and quality which can all have an effect on pricing.
  • Plan for your deadline! The sooner you order, the better (as is true in most cases). Your deadline can be met given that there is a decent timeline for completion. Embroidery offers a lot higher quality than other printing/customizing methods, however, it does take a bit more time for converting files, generating quotes, and production time.

Embroidery opens up a whole new world of design possibilities to create a classic style that lasts for years. Our team is more than happy to work with you to make sure your apparel something that’s really you. Make use of our expertise and ask us about embroidery on various apparel items like polos, hats, and jackets. Our team at Rogue Star can help you determine appropriate materials and techniques to ensure your items look just the way you want them to!

Some might say that wearing embroidered apparel is cheesy, but not if it’s done with quality materials and methods. Embroidery is an age-old technique that has been seen on catwalks, uniforms and everything in between. The truth is that it is incredibly versatile and can suit many purposes and visions.

Throw your awesome design ideas to our team and we can help take your visions one step up with embroidery. Contact us today!