Digital technology has revolutionized several industries, but one stands out among others as it has been changing the game across promotional products worldwide. Sublimation printing allows for maximum print coverage to make your products stand out and outlast compared to others. With changing trends, it’s always great to experiment with different options and sublimation is a interesting one!

What Is It?

Dye Sublimation printing is the process of printing into garments rather than onto them. Sublimation becomes part of the substrate being printed on, rather than being printed on top of. The pores of the fabric open to accept the ink and then cool/dry and reseal to become permanent. This creates a print that you can’t feel and that won’t fade out! Sublimation printing can be done before or after sewing the garment together depending on the manufacturer’s preference. In the end, sublimation offers incredibly detailed and vibrant prints that can reach seam to seam!

Sublimation is explained well in the video below if you’re interested in doing more research.


What Can You Make?

This printing method is used on polyester garments that include but aren’t limited to shirts, socks, and even fabric mouse pads. Sublimation is also suitable for items whose surfaces have a poly-coating, such as coasters and mugs.

Any Downsides?

Sublimation can become costly due to the number of materials, technology, and set up needed. It can also be time consuming depending on how it is approached. Sublimation requires a lot of set up before any production can begin. In some cases, garments have yet to be sewn after being printed onto. With that said, not many printers will do sublimation printing in the local Edmonton area. Any local printers that do offer sublimation often offer it at much higher prices due to the set up and man/machine power available to meet demand. This leaves many to turn to overseas manufacturers which means a longer wait time for orders but may get you better bang for your buck, so that may be something to keep in mind!

Sublimation cannot wrap around from back to front. Lining up front and back prints is not guaranteed and there are often “safe print areas” to be aware of despite the ability to print edge to edge.

Be sure to be flexible with your designs, plan for at least 3 weeks of production time, and investigate your options!

With all that being said, sublimated t-shirts look superb when done right. They grab your attention because of their distinct and zany nature. Keeping all of the above in mind, you should be on the right track to get the best bang for your buck with sublimation. Itching to place an order? Look no further! Here at Rogue Star, we have an Edmonton based team at the ready to help you create the sublimated products you’ve been dreaming of! We’ll ship your order to you whether you’re local to Edmonton or not. Give us a call to get your order started!