Do you have a tradeshow or event coming up? If you want to stand out from the crowd and make your display look its best, consider sublimated table skirts showcasing your logo and design.

By draping over display tables, sublimated table skirts draw attention to your display or booth with  their strategically  placed logos, company colors and slogans. Plus they make your table look tidy and professional.


When to use sublimated table skirts

Sublimated skirts are popular in exhibit stands on tradeshows, business meetings and investors’ conferences among others. It is also common to see branded sublimated skirts on registration tables at events and business meetings.

Sublimated skirts often feature catchy phrases or imagery that will easily attract the attention of viewers. The visual impression that sublimated skirts give lasts for a long time and once the customer sees the logo or slogan somewhere else, they can easily remember and associate with the brand.

Sublimated skirts are very popular and have numerous advantages which include:

  • Low cost- Compared to a structured display stand, sublimated skirts thrown over a table are relatively cheap. Consisting of table cover fabric with printed company brand, they are a one-time investment and can be re-used often.
  • Professional and tidy look- Sublimated skirts offer an overall professional appearance. They are simple and tidy – hiding your legs, unsightly tables, and are a great place to store unused display items out of view.
  • They draw attention- The whole purpose of going to a tradeshow is to get sales. In order to get the numbers, you first of all have to attract customers and there is no better way of doing it other than using custom table skirts. With a large imprint area, they can have a huge visual impact and drive a lot of traffic to your table.
  • Outshines competition- The level of competition in tradeshows is no joke and you really have to up your game to match and beat your competitors. You might have set up your stand next to huge company with a colossal expensive booth and thus you need something unique to attract customers to you. Spending more doesn’t always guarantee success and that’s why sometimes going simple with custom table skirts will do the trick.
  • Versatile and easy to use- It only takes about a minute or less to set up sublimated skirts and no special skills or tools are needed to do so. They are easy to wash, fold and store when not in use, and don’t take up a lot of space. Materials available are wrinkle resistant and machine washable without fading. Plus, custom skirts can also be used in a number of places such as registration desks, advertisement booths, as display or exhibit stands in stores, or at trade conferences.


Why type of table skirt to choose?


Custom table skirts can be used in a variety of ways, so there are a number of types to match most needs.

  • Sizes – Sublimated skirts range from 4 feet, 6 feet or 8 feet to match standard display table sizes. Alternatively if you attend a lot of shows or events where table sizes vary, you could also order a convertible table cover, for example, an 8 feet skirt that can be converted to 6 feet or 6 feet to 4 feet. Or can choose a custom tailored skirt which is tailored to your specification, shape and size.

  • Structure – Depending on your need available formats include:
    • Open back- These basically covers the top, front and sides of the stand while the back is open allowing you to slip a chair under the table and sit comfortably behind.
    • Closed back- These covers and fits all round the table on all four sides. Useful if people will be walking around the table and viewing it from all sides.
  • Fit

    • Draped throw – A basic tablecloth design that is thrown over the table and sits loosely over the top.
    • Fitted – The skirt is flat with square corners so that it sits squarely on the table with clean straight lines.
    • Overlays – Usually with a contrasting colour or design, this cloth is smaller than table and overlays a secondary cloth underneath. Runners are a type of overlay that partially covers the table – usually as a strip down the centre.
    • Stretched- Stretched skirts are made using elastic material that can be stretched over a table. They fit snugly over the entire table and legs eliminating any kind of wrinkles for a more modern look.
    • Custom design- These depend on user specification and taste. They are normally unique with logos, slogans and colors designed by the users themselves.
  • Shapes – Sublimated skirts can be made to any shape required. The most popular shape is a rectangle but they can also be tailored to other shapes such as oval, circular and square.


There is no doubt that sublimated skirts are a cheap and effective form of marketing for tradeshows, events, parties or instore displays. Consider ordering a few for your business today!