splatter paint shirt ideasPeople who enjoy the sight of variety in t-shirt designs will be interested to know that splatter paint shirts are easy to do. There are ways on how you can pull off an artistic look with splatter paint shirts. Consider the following splatter paint shirt ideas for your next custom shirt creation:

  • Rainbow – The idea behind this style is pretty straightforward. Just make sure you have all the colors of the rainbow. This would work great on a black or white shirt to help make the colors pop. You can choose to do the rainbow in a horizontal, vertical, or even diagonal manner. Using your splatter tool of choice—perhaps a stick or even your fingers for more control—take your first color and concentrate on one section of the shirt first. Apply a generous amount of the color on your brush and swish it hard in the air allowing the paint to hit the shirt. Proceed with the rest of the colors, making their outer edges overlap each other. Allow this side to dry and proceed with the next side.
  • Galaxy – The galaxy print shirt is one of the easier splatter paint shirt ideas you can do. This works best on a black shirt and you need only a handful of colors. Have some purple, pink, indigo, blue, and a bit of white. Choose the color you would like to be dominant; purple is usually the best choice for a galaxy look. Layer it on with some blue, indigo, and a bit of pink. Add spots of white to make some “stars.” This style would work well if you use an old toothbrush along with your other splatter tools for the finer effects and wisps of space on your shirt. Run your thumb through the bristles of the toothbrush or brush it against a thin paintbrush handle as you move it around the shirt.
  • Outline – This splatter shirt design idea works best with a toothbrush for finer effects, but it can also work well with other splatter tools as long as you cover the exterior parts of your outline thoroughly. Prepare the shape you want to have printed on your shirt. It would be better if your chosen design is a simple one with clear outlines. Letters and numbers work great for this idea. Next, cut your design and stick them onto your shirt. You can use double-sided tapes for this purpose to have an exact outline on your shirt. Take an old tooth brush and dip it onto some paint. Splatter away with your toothbrush, concentrating on the area around the outline to achieve a clean and defined look. Allow the paint to dry before you remove your pattern to see the finished effect.

The materials for these ideas can surely be found in your local craft store and you can even find some of these in your own arts and crafts materials at home. Have you tried making your own splatter paint shirts before? Share your method in the comments below!