The growth of custom apparel has blossomed as a result of the rise in disposable consumer income as well as a shift by younger generations, such as millennials and Gen Zs penetrating social media and e-commerce with new initiatives in an economy that is beginning to stabilize after the last decade. Nevertheless, all generations are recognizing the usefulness of custom apparel for branding and making use of the speedy channels with which these can be ordered and distributed.

Recap: Why Custom Apparel?

We’ll say this time and time again – custom apparel is an excellent way of marketing your brand. Custom apparel allows brands to create thousands of walking billboards for their brand while making money as a result of it. The industry has made an impressive comeback after poor market conditions when consumers were reluctant to purchase non-compulsory items because of the scarcity of funds. As the economy has stabilized, consumers and businesses both support the growth of the industry as they have begun to recognize its effectiveness. The impact that small marketing tools like branded apparel can have on increasing brand awareness and recognition has always been relevant, but is almost becoming essential as trends pressurize society.


The global market is anticipating the increment in the income level of households across the globe and a trend towards fashionable clothing. The rise in the online shopping of fashion apparel has had a positive effect on the overall apparel industry and custom printing specifically is a hot commodity for online selling. No matter which way you look at the industry stats, custom apparel is estimated to steadily increase in value and revenue into 2025.

Domino Effect

The apparel industry in general is highly competitive and demands ongoing innovation to match trends, demand, and tight turn around times. Popular printing methods like screen printing, embroidery, and digital printing are ever evolving as producers aim to meet these expectations. This is affecting various segments of the industry from designers to equipment manufacturers to evolve along with printers and garment manufacturers.

What Can We Take From This?

  • The custom t-shirt market is going to grow, so you would be wise to order and utilize its popularity while you can.
  • It’s a win-win situation for both customers and businesses because custom t-shirts can be affordable, stylish, and profitable.
  • The continuity of custom apparel popularity is an open avenue for increasing your brand awareness and recognition.
  • The growth in the industry will affect not only sellers and printers but garment manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, designers, and marketing sectors as well.

To Summarize

After the financial crisis, the economy is becoming stable and conducive towards the custom apparel industry. Customers and businesses both recognize the benefits of custom apparel and have the money to spend. Products are receiving great response via e-commerce especially and this market is likely to continue to grow. Keep your eye out for great printers and great deals to take advantage of this marketing tool in these next few years.

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