Custom apparel is the perfect way of expressing your brand to the world and can be versatile to suit your vision. With that said, not every vision can be fulfilled with the same processes or techniques. This why we’re going to help you compare two major print methods – digital and screen printing! Want to know how to pick the most appropriate print method and get the best bang for your buck? Have a look below!

There can never be a clear winner between the two print methods as both provide fantastic results for different purposes and scenarios. We’re merely here to help you decipher when to use either!


Screen Printing Overview

Screen printing is trustworthy and has been used confidently for decades. Essentially, ink is pushed through mesh screens and stencils according to each colour in an artwork. This can make for an extensive initial set up and clean up when finished that can be costly when arranged for smaller orders. Bulk orders and a lower number of colours are best for this print method to become cost effective. Screen printing is suitable for a multitude of items and not just garments!

Digital Printing Overview

Digital printing is gorgeous, quick, and packed with detail! It acts as ink jet printers do with paper and deposits ink layers directly onto garments. Digital printing allows for unlimited colours and can print photo realistic images. Artwork is sent instantly to the printer and colours are printed at the same time, making the process quick. Supply costs for this print method are much more costly, however, and only specific materials are suitable to be printed on to remain viable after printing and drying is complete.

See the chart above to have a look at some other comparison details. Here at Rogue Star, we have a team of sales reps and production specialists to help answer any questions you may have or make any feasible accommodations for your order!

Amidst other printing companies, Rogue Star provides quality print solutions for Edmonton and area with our top of the line in house technologies and exceptional print partners. Needing printed garments but not in the Edmonton area? No problem! We’d be happy to fulfill and ship your order across Alberta or even across Canada if need be! Give us a call now to clarify and questions or to get your order started!