When it comes to customizing apparel, you can never go wrong with embroidery. In fact, perfectly embroidered apparel not only looks high-quality, but sparks interest in the people who see it.


This is one of the reasons why many business owners have started opting for embroidery over screen printing. Plus, there isn’t a huge cost associated with the process compared to other marketing strategies, therefore a win-win situation for business owners. 


However, to make the most out of your custom embroidered apparel, you need to be aware of some key details. Using the following tips, you can avoid making common mistakes:


Monitor the quality

Wearability of the product

Not every customized article of clothing is created the same, so it is important to order a sample of the product before placing an order for bulk embroidery. By taking this simple step, you can check the quality of the product and determine if embroidery is the right fit for the garment.

Whether it is a polo or some other type of apparel, you must ensure the product is nice enough to be used. For instance, you wouldn’t embroider on a face mask.

Try not to invest in custom products just for the sake of marketing; ensure it offers quality to the user, as well.

Match the colour

Another thing to consider beforehand is the colour. While you request the sample, you can request the company to offer as many similar combinations of the design or logo as possible, however each individual print will be charged separately. 


You do not want to invest in products that don’t match your brand’s standards. By checking the samples, you can establish a colour combination that integrates seamlessly as per your requirement. 


Order in advance

Custom embroidery takes time. If you request an order on an urgent basis, our production team may not have enough time to perfect the outcome. 


It is always best to place the order for custom apparel way ahead of expectations. This way, Rogue Star will have enough time to take care of the entire process without being rushed. Plus, you will end up with higher quality results. 


Be clear of what you want

Your vision and expectations will never be met unless you are open about what you want with the Rogue Star Team. It is always best to be as descriptive as possible when placing the order.

Since your investment in custom apparel is more inclined towards marketing and enhancing customer experience, being vocal about your needs will help you meet your expectations and even tackle the competition easily.

Wrapping up

By following the tips mentioned above, you will avoid making mistakes when ordering the custom embroidered apparel but also save your time and efforts in the process.