custom shirt designsA unique shirt can add a lot of spice to your overall look. When you find yourself looking for quality t- shirt printing services, Rogue Star is the place to go. It all began in 2008 when Gord Gabel made his start in the world of apparel. He catered to the needs of people who were looking for quality custom shirt designs in prints that will bring any shirt to life.

Rogue Star t-shirt printing makes use of Direct to Garment or DTG technology which allows printing  custom shirt designs on a flat surface without using harmful chemicals such as synthetic plastisol, which is used in traditional screen printing. The process is simple. Choose a shirt, pick a design—any design, and Rogue Star can bring it to life for you!

Rogue Star Has No Minimum Orders

You may be thinking that with such advanced technology, you will have to order a minimum amount of shirts—and by minimum, that may be something around a hundred or so. A lot of t-shirt printing services require clients to have a minimum amount of shirts to be ordered. This is what makes Rogue Star different.

Not all of their clients need hundreds of shirts. There are those who just need a handful—say ten shirts. What makes Rogue Star different is that they attend to the demands of smaller businesses that are in need of customized shirts. Instead of only attending to the needs of bigger businesses, Rogue Star makes shirts even in smaller quantities. Think of it this way:

  • Smaller businesses don’t need to have a minimum amount of shirts printed before they can have a transaction with Rogue Star.
  • This means having savings while achieving high-quality shirts.
  • Individuals who are in need of only a couple of customized shirts may also have their shirts done by Rogue Star.
  • Other groups such as non-profit organizations, schools, clubs, offices, teams, communities, and other similar groups of people who only have a few members may have the exact number of shirts printed out instead of having a minimum number set by the t-shirt printing service provider.
  • T-shirt giveaways and promotional outfits may also be made. Rogue Star not only makes shirts but they also have sportswear, hats and headwear, wide screen printing services, embossing and debossing, and other custom design services to fit their clients’ apparel printing needs.

With those perks, it can be said that Rogue Star is your one-stop shop for small orders and even bulk orders for customized shirts and apparel. They don’t stop there though! They print on bags, skateboards, helmets, jerseys, guitars, cars, and even motorcycles. If you need high-quality custom printing services, you can definitely find the services you need from Rogue Star—without having to worry about having a minimum amount done before you see your custom designs printed! They offer a wide range of products to attend to your printing needs may it be for adults, children, men and women.

Have you ever had custom-printing needs before? Share your experiences in the comments section!