Whether you’re rocking the DTG method, kicking it old school with silk screening, or getting fancy with embroidery, the type of fabric you use is going to reflect your custom apparel choice. Brands make it easier on us by establishing a level of expectation for quality and reliability, no matter the garment. At Rogue Star, the people of the Edmonton area have three brands that they tend to gravitate towards.


Known as the Canadian wholesale giant for print-ready apparel, this company started in 1946 as a cut and sew manufacturer of basic children’s apparel. Now a multi-million dollar success, Gildan is committed to actively participating in local communities global-wide and providing positive employment opportunities. As a business that controls almost every part of the manufacturing process, they are capable of ensuring quality products, ethical practices, and enforcing environmental responsibilities. This brand is a basic go-to for whatever you need. It’s perfect for those who are looking for a cost efficient product that still has great quality.

American Apparel

Officially acquired by Gildan in January of this year, Canadian ownership is not new to American Apparel. It was created in 1989 by Montreal born Dov Chaney. Due to multiple reasons, American Apparel claimed bankruptcy for the second time last November; thus the acquisition by Gildan. While maintaining the simple, yet trendy styles of American Apparel, Gildan is encouraging the movement from “American Made” towards border-less manufacturing in order to promote ethical jobs on a global scale. You can still be certain that the social and environmental conscious values and expectations of Gildan will be upheld with this additional clothing line. For those who want stylish pieces to call their own, American Apparel is the brand for you. Our customers particularly love the F497 hoodies. It is also a favorite of our Production Manager, who wears hers every. Single. Day.

Bella and Canvas

Bella and Canvas have put much care and attention into their product since their launch in 1992. At first it was a clothing line for women that was both luxurious to wear as well as complimented any body type. Today it has expanded to include apparel for both men and youth while still maintaining that original vision. Manufactured in the US, Bella and Canvas are all about social and environmental responsibilities. This company rightfully boasts that it has no sweatshops, is W.R.A.P. certified, and eco-friendly. The apparel itself is premium quality. The light, soft fabrics are a big decision maker for our clients. Our most common Bella and Canvas article sold is the classic racer-back style tanks for women. Flowy and feminine, many bachelorette parties have been rocked out in this brand. If you want a shirt that looks and feels like luxury, you want Bella and Canvas.


Rogue Star is proud to provide these fantastic brands for our clients and many more! Feel free to peruse our online catalogue and create a wishlist of your favourites! As always, we are available for contact if you need help finding the perfect piece for your creation.