Rogue Star? What is this Rogue Star?

Rogue Star was founded by Gord Gabel in 2011 as a solution to the Edmonton Area’s demand for custom apparel in smaller quantities. Already having a strong background in the fashion industry, Gord immediately saw the advantage of using technology that expands the possibilities of design and the ability to work with smaller businesses. Today, Rogue Star is ranked the highest apparel company in Alberta in Google Reviews. This small Sherwood Park company has worked for individuals who just want that perfect gift to local businesses that needs their team to suit up. Whether you need 5 shirts or 500, Rogue Star pulls through!

How Does Rogue Star Do It?

All these beautiful creations, how do we do it, you ask? A number of ways! Most procedures we do right in shop. Some we outsource in order to provide you with the best quality of products and services. But let’s chat about what exactly goes on behind the scenes:

Direct To Garment

The most common procedure that occurs in our shop is DTG printing. This process is similar to a desktop printer, only with fabric. There is a larger imprint area with lower ink cost compared to silk screening, and the ink is 100% eco-friendly, water-based. This means that you can put in that low volume order of T-shirts without paying high set-up fees!


This custom design option is a classic technique that adds value to whatever apparel piece you are modifying. It creates a proud emblem on a work jacket, or a thoughtful addition to a favourite scarf.

Silk Screening

Another classic procedure that most are familiar with. This option is ideal when designing and producing up to 14” x 16” one to ten colour decorations. Silk screening is also really good at giving that distressed look if that’s your ideal style.

Full Colour Heat Applications

Don’t have a 100% cotton clothing item that you really want to customize? No problem! Full Colour Heat Applications to the rescue! This process prints your design onto a transfer material that adheres to the fabric when pressed with heat This is a great option for athletic gear and a super sneaky alternative to inside back tags for private labeling.


This is a totally cool procedure that will make your artsy vision vibrant! In a nut shell (and super simplified), your artwork is actually inked right into the fabric and is usually done in separate pieces and then sewn together. This is a phenomenal option for those high coloured designs with intense detail and a smooth finish.

Embossing and Debossing










Okay, let’s be completely honest. Nothing says high status like a leather briefcase with your name debossed right on it! Oh wait, was it emboss or deboss? Which one is it? Emboss is an image that is pressed into the material so that the image rises from the surface. Deboss is the opposite, so pushing an image into the material. So then which cool method was I talking about? You tell me!

We’re There for You

At the end of the day, Rogue Star is here for you, whether you have a large order or a small order. Whether it’s due in 24 hours or in 24 days, we can get it done. It doesn’t even have to be apparel related; it could be a custom coffee mug or lanyard. If you need something printed to improve your sales, create team unity, or just make some one smile,


Print it. Love it. Wear it.

Rogue Star