t-shirt surgery The classic t-shirt never goes out of style, but it can get pushed down your list of favorite closet items for a number of reasons. Your baggy shirts when you were ten pounds heavier, those that you bought just because they’re on sale, and even your dad’s vintage band shirts can get back in the game through simple t-shirt surgery techniques.

Here are some t-shirt surgery basics you can try to get some “new” and unique items in your wardrobe.

Turn old baggy shirts into tube dresses and skirt.

Lost weight but hate to part with your cool baggy shirts? Try turning them into tube dresses and skirts. You might have to know basic sewing skills for this technique, as you have to sew along the sides, but if you really cannot do it on your own, get help from someone who can at least use needle and thread. You simply have to cut the top part of the shirt. Make sure to use a shirt that will allow you to retain most of its design after cutting off the top part and the sleeves. After getting the top part taken care of, flip your shirt inside out and start sewing the side part to get it to hug your body snugly. You may add garters and zippers to get the perfect fit.

Add lace to old t-shirts to turn them into classy blouses.

Add personality to plain shirts by cutting off the top parts and replacing them with lace. This t-shirt surgery technique also requires some sewing knowledge as you will have to sew the lace into the shirt. You can also try cutting the sleeves, and then adding lace for collar. With a bit of creativity, you can do a lot with your plain old shirts and some lace.

Cut random holes on your shirt.

This is the easiest t-shirt surgery technique for those who do not knowing anything about sewing. Before turning old shirts into rags, try cutting out random geometric shapes at the back of the shirt. Triangles of different shapes and sizes placed creatively will breathe new life to shirts headed for the trash bin. Be sure to mark the shirt before cutting out the shapes, so you can plan your design properly. You can even try cutting out angel wings at the back of your shirt for more impact.

If you want to go extra adventurous, try a super shredded effect with cuts and holes all over.

Put several old shirts together.

Take parts from different old shirts, sew them together, and then call your creation Fraken-shirt. You can come up with 2-3 new shirts using this technique, depending on how many pieces you take parts from. Take the sleeve out of one, the pocket out of another, and sew them onto a base shirt. Use contrasting colors for a unique color block effect. If you have more advanced sewing skills, you can even turn several shirts in different colors into a dress.

Have you ever done a t-shirt surgery before? How was the experience? Share your thoughts below!