Real estate is an ever changing industry that requires well thought out strategies and adaptable folks to work within it. Real estate is built on referrals, reviews, and word of mouth, so in person interactions and marketing strategies are what help develop great customer retention. A great marketing opportunity for those in the industry is the use of promotional products before, during, and after papers are signed. In such a saturated market, we wanted to make sure that we lay out some unique ideas that can set your customer appreciation apart from the rest!

Below we have a variety of promotional products that you can brand with your name and company to offer as thank you gifts for prospective or returning customers and everyone in between. These ideas offer a range of prices and styles to fit your brand, budget, and intentions so you can offer killer housewarming gifts and tokens of appreciation.

The Classics with a Twist

Classic promo options are the best gentle reminder for future housing needs or referrals. We’ve decided to present you with some well known ideas with a bit of a twist to show how you can raise the bar. Key chains are a no-brainer because receiving the key to a new house is a proud and exciting moment for every homeowner. Lets stray from shaped, plastic key chains and focus on quality textures like metals and leathers that feature beautiful debossed branding which looks more high end. The same goes for magnets. Avoid flat and one functional magnets and opt for magnets that look great with branding and act as clips or measuring tools. We’re continuing the trend with pens by suggesting that you play with textures or go for minimalistic designs (we love matte pens). Go for modern designs that get reached for and not lost in a pile of every other metal clip or plastic capped promo pen. Lastly, we’re touching on drink ware. This is a perfect opportunity to choose trendy products to give to your clients. Steer clear of the same old shapes and spouts and opt for interesting textures, colour blocking, and cool metals! We can even get our hands on well known name brands.

Cool Kitchen Items

What better way to say welcome home than encouraging your clients to stay in? Offering your clients or prospective contacts items that make cooking and eating easier is a huge YES in our books. Branded items like jar openers, measuring tools, pizza cutters, and koozies are inexpensive options that can be great for open houses, trade shows, and giveaways. They come in various colours and are compact enough to be portable for you and your clients if need be. Higher end items to invest in like custom cutting boards, cooking utensils, BBQ and bar sets, and french presses are perfect housewarming gifts to leave for clients who have just purchased a home. These items come in various high end textures and tones and offer beautiful branding like engraving or decorated boxes so gifts are subtly branded to say thank you instead of acting as a big billboard for your brand.

Handy to Have

Let’s not forget about the practical items that can be well used and well loved by your audience. We’re all about practical tools and bags to help make life around the house easier! Some small and simple tools that can be decently inexpensive are lint rollers, multipurpose tools, and tape measures! These are sure to make life around the house a bit easier as clients are planning for new furniture and installing decorations. Other great options are bags and coolers that make any to and from carrying easier. There are so many styles and colours for bags and coolers that you’re bound to find a great fit!

Fun Finds

Our last few features are super fun options to consider! Let clients enjoy the great outdoors with cool branded products like seeds (great for small giveaways), bug repelling lanterns, and roasting sticks for the fire. These aren’t just fun – they’re actually practical for most homeowners who want to enjoy outside their home. Some other great options are message or light board that add a bit of pizzazz, candles that can be customized in look and smell, and tablet/book stands for those clients that enjoy cooking up a storm!

Now that you have some inspiration, get started on your order! Here at Rogue Star, we have a team of reps with knowledge about branded products you can choose from to help relieve the stress of ordering. We’re happy to help you weigh your options and make a selection so that your order is a breeze! We specialize in all things custom apparel and promotional products that can be decorated using screen printing, embroidery, laser engraving, and more! We can even ship your order to you whether you’re local to Edmonton or elsewhere in Alberta or Canada. Give us a call now to get started!