Nostalgia is a warm feeling of comfort that people usually associate with certain objects. Most of the time, a band shirt or old college sweater brings back sweet memories of simpler days. Unfortunately, time is not kind on our keepsakes, and we find them weathered, worn, and some times just purely outgrown. To throw them out is a horrifying thought, but they are just creating clutter. What to do? Here are a few clever ideas that the people of Edmonton have decided to do with their lost loves.

Concert T’s are a staple in the mementos department. Because they are so casual and comfy, they tend to endure wear and tear faster than our other shirts. Some shirts have great artwork on them, but the fabric couldn’t withstand the test of time. If you have a raggedy shirt with good artwork, our artists might be able to recreate that for you and reunite you with your old love. On the flip side, why not transform it into something else entirely? The simplest project would be to frame it. It is a band shirt after all. However, if you have so many concert posters that you can’t even remember what colour your wall is, perhaps a different approach would be better. With the help of some extra fabric and stuffing, you can cut out the design portion of your shirt and sew up a throw pillow. Been there, done that? Try crafting a simple bag, or challenge yourself and make a wallet. If you are a concert fanatic, perhaps start a patchwork quilt of all your old concert T’s.

College sweaters are another type of garment that hosts fond memories. These pieces of clothing usually have the school emblem embroidered somewhere. Why not cut it out and make a patch that can be attached to a new sweater, or a backpack, or even on a hat (dependent upon the size, of course). If it’s a small patch, why not make an ornament out of it to hang on your tree during the holidays? An easy craft project may be to make a DIY reusable coffee mug sleeve.

Remember, sometimes all you need for a fresh new look is a simple solution. Knee holes in pants can easily be turned into shorts. Long sleeves can become short-sleeves or sleeveless. A shirt that was too big could become a dress. All you need is a little imagination and a spark of creativity!