With a new school year fast approaching and the days getting shorter, many students look towards joining school sports teams as an extracurricular activity. While building skills and endurance are key to the success of the team, what the group wears requires some consideration as well. At Rogue Star, we work with a number of sports teams in creating custom pieces. These orders tend to be fairly large and in the interest of making economical decisions, team representatives may cut corners to save on money. Usually the two strong factors are between quality of material and appearance of the apparel, but both should be carefully considered when constructing a team uniform.

For most coaches, the first word that comes to mind in regards to sportswear is “quality.” Especially with high contact sports such as football, you are going to want apparel that will last through multiple seasons of blood, sweat, and tears. You also want fabric that is both light and breathes, yet durable. There is definitely a trade-off between price and the quality of fabric used in custom apparel. Experienced coaches know that it’s worth finding that happy medium to have a jersey last a few seasons longer than the cheapest brand. Quality is for sure an important consideration.

What many coaches intuitively know but don’t normally voice  is the appearance of the uniform. Surprisingly, appearance is a strong contributing factor in the attitude of the team.

First of all, having a well designed team outfit creates unity among members. Subconsciously, when we see something that we relate to on a personal level, we are more open to further experiences with it. So when a members wear the team jersey, not only are they making a conscious decision to cooperate and support each other, but an unconscious one as well. This union also becomes a collective identity that others can become quite familiar with. What’s also important is that the look of the uniform also sends a message.

There’s a reason why sports teams select certain mascots. It’s to symbolize certain characteristics and traits that the team wishes to cultivate and embody within themselves. How that is represented as a logo and placed on sport apparel will either support or  weaken the message. Having a well designed logo on a good quality jersey will send a much stronger message to your opponents than an outdated design on a clearly aged jersey.

Second of all, wearing a uniform that looks good and feels good is both mentally and emotionally beneficial to the team. It is the same concept as to why most teams wear a suit and tie on game day. It’s all about respect. Respect for the team. Respect for themselves. And respect for the game. Ensuring that your players have custom pieces that they can be proud of  installs confidence. It is a great self-esteem booster and holds each individual to a higher standard. This standard is then reflected on and off the field and for many, becomes part of their personal code of conduct throughout life.

So while the quality of material is very practical, the appearance of the apparel has some weight as well. At Rogue Star, we have a variety of affordable options that fulfill both of these requirements for any team. Contact us and see how we can contribute to your success!