The cold months are upon us and nothing screams “let’s get outta here” like useful travel gadgets begging to be used. Practical and fun, all the below are items worth considering as killer retail items or gifts for employees and clients. Traveling is good for the soul and items that make traveling easier are good for sanity.

Painless Packing

Packing. Likely everyone’s least favourite traveling chore. Make sure it’s not a bore with these useful and stylish bags and organizers. From toiletries and tech holders to road trip and hiking essentials! Suitcases, backpacks, and fanny packs can all be custom branded for long hauls and adventures. Toiletry bags and packing cubes are sure to be utilized and there are many styles that you’re bound to find suitable for your logo.

To-Go Tools

Essentials for those who plan ahead and want to save on costs. Portable items like utensil sets and reusable straws for eating on the go are great for packing into every day personal bags. Items like thermoses and lunch boxes are perfect for those who pack their own meals and plan their costs according to their activities and resources when out and about. A frugal and healthy option for those who tend to be conscious during their travels.

Electronic Essentials

The above options are for those who make the most of documenting and being comfortable during their travels. Adapters and chargers will keep all devices juiced up without a worry. Speakers and headphones can make passing time more enjoyable through the magic of sound. Other items like portable fans can make even the pickiest travelers more settled with enjoyable travels and stays.

Miscellaneous Must Haves

All others listed lie under comfy, convenient, and cool as heck. These are the items you order “just because” and that you find you can’t forget to pack for every future trip! No matter their use, you can brand ‘em and they’re guaranteed to be shown off.

Make travel less of a hassle. Consider the options above when selecting new merch options or beloved giveaways. Got questions? We have answers! The Rogue Star team would be happy to help you find the perfect branded items for traveling. Our team is well equipped to answer all your promotional product questions, so give us a call today! We’re happy to help those local to Edmonton and beyond explore the world more comfortably!