Our furry friends are an important part of our lives. Cute and cuddly and an extension of our family – supporting us in our sorrows and doubling our joys. Pets are a huge part in many people’s lives and most owners love nothing more than spending time and money on them! People also just love animals in general – seeing them and being around them makes us happy!

Social media is full of animal accounts that are followed by millions of people across the world. These are great platforms for seeing the cutest pets and the best pet products. We’re here to show you how branding pet products can help your brand grow. Show employee appreciate, make a profit, or increase your online presence with sponsorships.

Have a look at some of our highly suggested pet products:

T-Shirts and Blankets

T-Shirts and blankets are hot commodities for little and hairless animals and during chilly seasons. These can be decorated with your brand and even with images and sayings associated with the animals beloved by your target audience. T-Shirts and blankets can be practical, funny, or event based. They’re extremely versatile and allow your creativity to flow!

Toys and Treats

Toys and treats are recommended by 10/10 animals! These items are likely the most often purchased and sought after items for pets. This means repeat purchases due to consistent use and need for restocking as well as a desire for what’s hottest in the market. Trendy toys and new treats are always a hit with human and animal crowds alike and your branding will look great on them!

Calendars and Notebooks

Calendars and posters are perfect for those who love to enjoy animals everywhere they go. Practicality is up there with these items (ok, maybe not so much the posters). Nonetheless, who doesn’t love a picture of a cute dog or a majestic cat to look at every day right? These items are reached for on a daily basis and are ready and waiting for your brand to be showcased alongside a furry face!

Barking Up The Right Tree

Branded pet products make amazing gifts and giveaways, they’re great to sell on a retail level, and they’re perfect to use when collaborating with influencers who have a huge online presence that are willing to affiliate with your brand and products. There are many more options to explore, so don’t stop here! Have a look at our visual suggestions above or take a look at our online catalogue! If you’re ready to place your order, give us a call! Edmonton based or not – we can help everyone with their promotional pet based needs. The Rogue Star team would love to help you whip up something great for your consumers and their pawed pals!