Serving quality food is just not enough to increase your restaurant’s customer count. In a lot of places, COVID restrictions are being lifted and more and more restaurants are being opened back up to offer dine-in services and maximum capacity limits. Which is amazing for business, but it also means more of the competition is opening up as well.

If you want your restaurant to be the first option someone thinks about on a Friday night, you need to adopt some serious promotional product ideas. Adopting the follwing ideas will work wonders for your restaurant joint and make it more than just a place that serves food.



Napkins do more than just removing food stains. You might consider having napkins with your restaurant logo printed on them to enhance your restaurant’s brand value. Having funky-looking custom napkin caddies is also recommended!


Eco-friendly paper bags

With the rise of online food delivery and takeaways, eco-friendly paper bags have earned a serious reputation. They are light, tough, and reusable. Having your logo printed on them is another clever way of brand marketing.


Promotional Coasters

Coasters add to the class and sophistication of a restaurant setting. Laying down eye-catching coasters on every table is a tricky way to elevate the brand name of your establishment.


Coffee Mugs

People love coffee after a nice meal, and those who don’t might like tea or have a weakness for coffee mugs. Ceramic coffee mugs with imprinted quotes or designs are great promotional items. Apart from using them to serve delicious drinks, you can also gift them to your regular customers. It will definitely make them add your restaurant to their list of favorites!

Promotional T-Shirts

Handing out stylish tees or selling them as a merchandise item is a killer way of selling your brand! Your customers will wear the tees, travel places and that way more people will get to know about your place. It is a smart move to have merchandise that plays a part in your marketing!


Aprons & Dress Code

Having a set dress code for your restaurant staff will go a long way in elevating the brand name and professionalism of your restaurant joint. You might also want a fun, custom apron to the mix that helps your wait-staff and further unifies your team!


Custom Mints

Adding little things to your place will set you apart from the others. Once your costumers are done with their food, bringing complimentary custom mints to the table is a nice “cherry on top” gesture. It will add to the customer’s experience, making it more memorable!


Final Thoughts

To stand out from the rest – which is super important for the restaurant industry – is a tough job with so much competition! Though, with the above promotional items and strategies you will be sure to stand out and draw all of your potential clients with wide eyes, smiling faces, and hungry bellies!

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