The Edmonton International Street Performers Festival and the International Children’s Festival of the Arts are some of the most fun you can have! They only come around once a year and feature magicians, mimes, circus artists, contortionists, balloon artists, escape artists, and more from all over the world! These festivals are perfect to hit up with the family and are a great opportunity to make some memories and take home some mementos. What better way for performers and vendors to do this than with branded promotional products?

Not sure what you can brand or how to choose suitable items? No worries! We have a few ideas for you! We’ve made sure to gather only the most useful and fun items to feature for such an event! Whacky colours, practicality, and “coolness” have certainly come into play today.


Consumable items like candy and other snacks are great to give as prizes and quick hand outs. There are endless options that can be branded on their packaging and/or on the treats themselves. There are so many options to choose from that are suitable for high temperature days as well! Other options like branded napkins, cups, and the like may be suitable for any vendors offering food and drinks.

Temporary tattoos are a perfect handout option for a quick bit of fun! Great for those too impatient to wait in face painting lines and incredibly cost effective! Other novelty items such as ones that are great for fidgeting can encourage practicing skills, tricks, and patience.

Useful Offers

Business cards are a basic necessity for any vendor or performer, but you can be sure to stand out based on not just what you offer to the event, but how you present your brand as guests leave. Ensure your powerful piece of contact information fits your brand and stands out among the rest. Fun shapes, stocks, textures, and colours will be an easy find in a pile of other cards when guests look through them later or scramble to get a hold of you in the future.

Fans are perfect for a hot summer’s day. They’re perfect for performers to goof around with and are practical on hot days when everyone starts feeling the heat. A great offer as these are items that can be carried around all summer long!

Any type of bags are incredibly handy. Drawstring and tote style bags are practical and versatile in terms of use and decoration options. A perfect pickup for any of the smaller items you collect throughout the day!

Add to the Fun

Last, but not least – novelty items! Noise makers are great options for cheering on performers. They can also be a great interaction prompt to the audience for performers. Street performer festivals are all about enhancing the senses and blowing the mind, so these can definitely enhance the environment.

Hacky sacks are another fidget item, but they can be a lot more of a feature product for learning skills and getting the crowd to interact during and after shows. All around fun and a great take home for further skill building.

Colouring books are great for down time and can be tailored to fit your branding and your audience. An awesome option to present near a crafts area, for competitions, and near exits as a memento of all the sights to behold!

Get Ordering!

Now that you have some ideas, why not give us a call? Street festivals aren’t waiting, so neither should you! Some start as early as May. Get in touch with us and we can have one of our reps work with you to complete your order just in time! Based in the Edmonton area, Rogue Star can offer everything you need for promotional products as well as custom apparel decorated with digital print, screen print, embroidery, and more! We’re happy to serve and ship all over the country to suit your needs!