It’s loud and it’s proud! Chasing Summer is Calgary’s best EDM festival (and Western Canada’s largest) that comes around once a year! It’s here to make you embrace the summer sun and happiness with a weekend of sound and fun! Chasing Summer is one of the best opportunities to target an alternative crowd with fun and whacky apparel and promo items! A surprisingly large and eclectic crowd for sure – lets take a look at some great options that vendors, performers, bars, shuttle companies, and even individual guests can create and offer during the event!


At raves, outfits are all the rage and party goers will get their hands on cool, branded merch any way they can! Offering items fit for the heat is a great idea! Cropped tops of all different styles will be a huge hit for staying cool and repping even cooler. Other pieces like muscle tanks and anything tie dye are always in style and a must have! Keep a couple warm options available in case the weather takes a turn for the worst and consider some funky options for bottoms!


Accessories vary by style and taste of each guest, but sunglasses, bandanas, and other face covers are great options to add to a look or to stay protected from the elements! Explore sublimated options to allow for max customization as well as textures that stand out like reflectives and metallics.


Bags are a handy item to offer at EDM events. Clear bags are all the rage and make check in even easier while drawstring bags offer a ton of options for anyone stuck with too much merch or their friends’ belongings. Various types of key chains can be offered as practical and safe gadgets for all guests. You can never be too careful or too prepared when you’re in a pinch! Wristbands are great items to offer as accessories or souvenirs for performers or to use as passes of various events, bars, and party buses!

Fans are practical and stylish and always a hit when it’s hot outside. Cups are great keepsakes from the festival and related events and are great for giveaways because they’re durable and inexpensive. Lanyards are another practical option and allow for different styles and designs to suit everyone’s tastes. Selfie lights are great for getting the perfect snap in any lighting to help guests remember the wildest of times! Charging blocks are basically essential for festivals and can keep you juiced up to stay connected all day long!

Time to Order

Here at Rogue Star, we have a team of knowledgeable reps who can help you with all your custom apparel and promotional product needs with our services in digital printing, screen printing, and selecting promotional products. We’ll have you prepped and ready to jump into the action! We can serve and ship to Calgary or province wide to meet your needs. Give us a call now – our reps are ready and excited to kick start your order!