Making a commitment to health and fitness is one of the best decisions anyone can make for themselves! Making a commitment to great marketing tools is one of the best decisions that any business can make for its success! Today, we’re going to explore some promotional product options for gyms, fitness clubs, and the like. What better way to get clientele excited to rep your business and stick to their routine than with stylish, branded items?

Workout Wear

Apparel is a perfect option for gyms simply because those who are active fly through laundry after getting their sweat on! Offering apparel options on site – and stylish ones at that – will be tempting for clients to purchase. Offer all different styles to suit different tastes. Tank tops and shorts are perfect options for almost anyone and they come in so many styles. Performance shirts and pullovers are also great for those who like to sweat it out. Jackets and hoodies are great for athleisure purposes or outdoor exercising so your brand can be repped inside and outside of your facilities.

Hot Heads

Staying on the topic of items fit for outdoor attire and exposure, hats are another option to add to your list. Hats are commonly worn casually and are a great item to add your branding to to ensure your branding is seen all day long while clients go about their daily activities. They’re also perfect for protection from the elements in various weather conditions during outdoor activity and exercise. Some stylish options for fitness clubs are dad caps and chunky knit toques! Decorate them with embroidery or patches for a high quality look!

Boss Bags

Bags. Are. Essential. Bags are so important to offer at a fitness facility. Every client will be coming in with a variety of items to make the most of their workout including a change of clothes, food, drinks, equipment, shoes, and more. Make sure you offer a variety of bag options for them to purchase to make to and from the gym easier. There are many options to choose from, but tote, drawstring, and duffle bags with durable materials will last for years.

Drink Up!

Don’t forget to stay hydrated! Drink ware is an easy option to offer your clients. They’re low commitment and likely the most practical item you’ll offer. Our suggestions are bottles that are easy to grab and drink from. Squeezable bottles and ones with straws are handy when clients are jumping around the facility. Another great option is a shaker bottle for pre-workout and protein shakes. Have a look at your clientele and cater to them as needed!

Great Gear

Our last group of suggestions offer a variety of ideas! Depending on your brand and clientele, some tech options might be a great offer. Headsets and speakers are perfect for those who bounce around a lot in and outside of the gym. Help them enjoy their tunes wherever they go! We’ve thrown in a few healthy options including branded hand sanitizers and a lunch kit. Again, these are perfect for people on the go. A hand sanitizer is perfect for small giveaways and to throw in any bag while lunch boxes are great for meal planning! Lanyards are a standard gym offer as they are typically offered during sign up or for giveaways. Again, a practical and useful option. Lastly, we’ve thrown in a piece of branded equipment! These are a great option to offer alongside other small pieces of equipment, bands, etc. that you can have branded. A great option for clients to use in and outside of your facility!

All Warmed Up

Now that your creative juices are flowing and your brain storming muscles are stretched out, you should be on the right track to getting together ideas for your club. Itching to place an order? Look no further! Here at Rogue Star, we have an Edmonton based team at the ready to help you create the promo products you’ve been dreaming of! We can even ship your order to you whether you’re local or elsewhere in Alberta. Give us a call to get your order started!