rogue golf balls

Having a summer golfing event, golf tournament, or your wedding on a golf course? Or looking for a new way to reach your golf loving clients? Whatever your golf need, make the event memorable with custom golf balls imprinted and personalized with your logo, graphics or monogram.

You can personalize and print on major brands of golf ball such as Callaway, Titleist, Bridgestone, Pinnacle, Wilson, TaylorMade, Nike or even blank balls.

For the promotional giveaway there are many unique ideas beyond the ball…

Individual balls

individual golf ball box

Hand out individual golf balls as needed or present them in a personalized single sized golf ball box.

Single ball gift packs

golfball pillow pack

Give your custom golf ball in clear tube or pillow pack along with some tees, divot tool or a marker.

Multi golf ball packs

golf ball tubemini golf ball baggolf ball business card box

Want to give away more than one ball? Give 3, 4 or more balls in a sleeve, box, tube, tin, or pouch and personalize the package as well as the ball. For more unique golf ball giveaway ideas choose a box that featuring your  business card or a package that looks like a mini golf bag.

Golf ball paperweight or cube

golf ball paperweight

Want a golf giveaway with longer lasting power? Order a ball in a clear cube that can be proudly displayed on a desk or shelf.

Coloured golf balls

personalized coloured golf balls

Stand out from the crowd and match your brand or logo with brightly coloured balls, or choose colour to match your theme ie green for Christmas or pink for breast cancer or Valentines Day.

Golf ball case

custom golf ball case

Present your personalized golf balls in style with an felt-lined rosewood golf ball case featuring your engraving on a brass plaque.

Want something extra special?

Go the whole mile and add a few more items to accompany the balls such as towels, umbrellas, caps, awards, bags and shirts and more. Check out our full golf selection in our e-Store or contact us for more suggestions today!