Are you considering a hockey giveaway this season? Why not consider a hockey puck?  For many years, custom hockey pucks have been used as a giveaway by Canadian businesses, hockey teams and more. And depending on how they are made they can be used to play different forms of hockey, or given as an award, a keepsake, stress reliever or toy!



Different materials can be used to make promotional hockey pucks.

  • Black vulcanized rubber is standard for making professional ice hockey pucks and official game use.
  • Vinyl orange pucks are preferred for indoor use such as floor hockey. In this case, vinyl is better suited because it’s long lasting and also slides well on the floor. Plus these pucks tend to be hollow and lightweight. Domed versions of these are also available and are great giveaway as an executive paperweight or souvenir.
  • Soft foam hockey pucks are often promoted as practice pucks for garages, basements or backyards, marketing gifts, stress relievers or toys. Soft foam pucks are also often preferred for promotional items because they are light, easy to manufacture and generally cheap and hence cost effective in large quantities. They can be thrown around into crowds without causing harm.


Depending on the material used, hockey pucks are available in a range of colours. Rubber pucks come in black or blue rubber (generally used by youth) while foam pucks are available in a wide range of colours.


Custom hockey pucks are basically circular discs with two flat surfaces. They are also small and simple. This is an advantage when it comes customizing because they can be printed with your design or logo, on just one side or both!




Hockey pucks come in a standard 3” 6oz regulation size design for playing ice hockey or 4oz blue rubber for youth and kids. However, there are a number of other options such as mini hockey pucks at 2 1/4 inches.  Other fun hockey puck inspired designs include mini pucks on a keychain.


A big part of  the success of your promotional hockey puck is how you package it!  Give it away individually or as part of a gift set or kit with other promotional items. Present it in a display case or on stand. Whatever the case, your customers are sure to appreciate them!

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