A decal is a substrate that can adhere to other surfaces to decorate them with various shapes, images, designs, etc. Fun fact: Decal is short for decalcomania… and we can definitely see why they would shorten it. Decals include a few different substrates, some which are solid and allow for designs to be cut into them and some which have designs printed on them before being cut. Decals have a durable adhesive for placing on most any smooth surface that you wish to decorate. Whichever you choose, decals can help add that extra bit of flair to your favourite items and spaces! At Rogue Star, we can help you create and cut your custom decal design to help you catch everyone’s eye!

Let’s explore some classic and creative uses for decals!

Classic Ideas

Here are some pieces of inspiration from the most commonly found decal gifts you can find with a quick Google search. Well known and well used, but still effective and stylish!




Creative/Fresh Ideas

Want to mix it up a little? Here are some fresh and inventive decal placement ideas from across the web that are just as effective – if not more! Some are unexpected and eccentric, but very useful.

Dishes galore that you’ll definitely adore! From the table setting to the vanity, add a little bit of you and a little bit of flare.


For your humble abode! Sneak messages and designs where they turn heads and are least expected. At the very least, you’ll make your house feel like your home when it becomes more “you”.


Spruce up the things you use daily with some personalization. Stand out from the crowd, catch a compliment, or identify what’s yours!



And go extra on the special for your special day. So many details and somehow they all matter! Give those details a personal touch and have people talking.


Got an idea now? For whatever decal ideas you can come up with, we make sure to add a touch of Rogue so you can make an impression! Decals are inexpensive, durable, and quick to make if you’re running on a tight schedule, which we can definitely help you with at Rogue Star. Wherever you are in the Edmonton area, we’re just a hop, skip, and jump away for when you need to get a quick project done!

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