Valentine’s Day comes around every year whether you want it to or not. Some tend to ignore its existence, while others dive right in. Single or taken, we’ve got some perfect options for custom gifts that won’t scream “I picked this up 30 minutes ago” with their conventional nature. Waited until last minute anyway? No worries, our ideas are quick, simple, and made for a market of others just like you while leaving room for thoughtful, unique options.

Whether you’re hitting up a Galentine’s get together, speed dating, or awaiting an adventurous date, you can easily spice up your outfit with a custom t-shirt to fit your plans or gift desires!

Custom t-shirts are great to keep for perpetually single folks who need a go to comedic garment to wear.

A custom shirt is a great gift option for your loved one who you’ve been unable to find the perfect piece for. Decorate with their interests or something they’ll cherish and wear over and over as a thoughtful but simple add to their wardrobe.

A custom shirt may just be the highlight of the day. Use them to express your love and make a grand gesture!

Custom towels are another great way to spice up your celebrations – bath, beach, or kitchen! This is a fun and practical idea for receivers with various interests!

Custom pillowcases are the perfect opportunity for a funny or witty gift. Personalize with faces, jokes, or loving messages on various shapes and colours.

Decals are an incredibly versatile option for almost any simple item that needs customizing. Wrapping and personalizing become fun and easy. Make a lot or a little if you’re using them in batches or for that “little something” to finish off a gift.

Here at Rogue Star, we can help you with all the above options. Give us a call if you’re in a hurry! We can help you get all set up for your perfect gift in no time! We’ve been making last minute custom apparel and promotional item miracles happen in the Edmonton area since 2011 and we don’t plan on stopping now!