pens as promotional itemsEverybody likes free stuff. That’s why promotional items are always a must for business and entrepreneurs – big or small. Promotional items help keep current and prospective clients interested in the company’s products. These items with the company name and/or logo also serve as a great reminder about the brand. There are different kinds of promotional items, but pens as promotional items are considered the best.

Low-Cost, High-Value Promo Product

Pens are often used as promo items for two major reasons: 1) pens are affordable, and 2) they are useful. Even if people like free stuff all the time, they are also mindful of the item they’ll get for free. Prospective and current customers want to receive an item or a token that they can use all the time. And a promotional pen fits the bill.

From a business point of view, a pen is a great promo or trade item because it’s inexpensive. Unlike other novelty and advertising products that are pricey, pens can be ordered in bulk for a low cost. Moreover, there’s a subtlety in adding the company’s name or logo on the pen. It’s small, evident, and more importantly, not tacky.

Different Types of Pens as Promotional Items

Another plus point of the pen as a promo item is its variety. Companies can order different kinds of pens such as:

  • Traditional Pens
  • Contour Pens
  • Light Up Pens
  • Marker Pens
  • Highlighters
  • Pencils
  • Stylus
  • Glitter Pens
  • Squiggly Pens

These pens normally cost less than a dollar apiece. If the company makes bulk orders for pens, this amount will likely be decreased. Aside from these varieties, the company can also request customized and high-end pens to its supplier for VIP clients. Embossed Parker pens are usually given to business partners or potential associates.

Quality Matters

Although pens as promotional items are relatively cheap, it’s also important to not be stringent about it. Companies must set aside a budget for these advertising needs. And this budget must be directed to a quality promo item. It’s always important to remember that every promo item – novelty or not, big or small, inexpensive or otherwise – is a reflection of the company. If the pen doesn’t work, clients may take this as an omen that the company isn’t as polished or competent as advertised.

It’s likewise important to present the name or logo of the company in a way that people will always remember the brand. Aside from the company’s name, adding the slogan is also a good strategy. If the slogan is a bit long, adding the company’s website is a great alternative. This way the user of the pen will always remember where to find the company.

Connect with the Customer

Using pens as promotional items almost always works because, realistically, everyone needs a pen. However, in advertising, it’s important to connect the promo item with the company’s main product. Pens are particularly great if the company deals with office or school supplies, consumables, or even furniture. But if the company markets other products like sporting goods or food items, pens shouldn’t be considered as the top promo items to give to the customers and prospective clients.

What’s the best promotional item you’ve received so far? Share your stories below.