When customizing T-shirts, you have a blank canvas with unlimited opportunity.


At Rogue Star, we work with you to make sure that your design is the right one. We understand this can be quiet a process, so we have assembled this blog with a few tried and tested tips to help you in the process of making custom t-shirts.


Define your wants

Keep it simple

Focus on the Colour Combinations

Before you start, determine who you wish to reach with your custom design. With an expertly designed t-shirt, you can target any desired audience and can generate further interest in the brand. 


Though keep in mind, the design and colour will leave the biggest impression on others so be considerate of your choices.


When it comes to design, focus on maximizing communication and minimizing confusion. Try not to go overboard with the design of the shirt because it risks making the shirt busy and cluttered. It is best to focus on simple and clean visuals to convey the message without making things complicated for the audience. Though, there is nothing wrong with having a little fun with your design!


Colour is super important when customizing clothing. Consider both the colour of the shirt and the colour(s) of your design to create a cocktail of the right contrast, colour schemes, and ultimately the best design.

Text Matters Too

Find inspiration

Focus on graphic placement

Typography has a huge role in the result. It is best to select a unique font or typeface that integrates seamlessly with the rest of the design. Spend some time playing around with the fonts to see which one best matches the design. 

If you have a vision, great! With little assistance, you can easily bring your vision to life. If you don’t know where to start, then you can always look in various places to find inspiration. 


You can start with a quick online search to find things that pique your interest. Or you can always visit Rogue Star to work with the professionals directly and determine our capabilities and discover your new inspirations.

Besides the font, colour, design, and simplicity of the custom t-shirt, you need to understand how the print will look once the t-shirt is worn. 


Even a perfect design may look fantastic on paper but hilarious or inappropriate in person. Thankfully, you can work with the experts at Rogue Star to work out a design that works. Don’t forget about the size and scale of the visuals and their final print on the fabric!


Final thoughts 


Even though the process of creating the custom t-shirts is a little challenging, it isn’t impossible. 

Just follow our tips and make the most out of your investment in custom apparel!